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Confessions of a Philadelphia Auto Show Social Media Intern

On what I thought would be a typical Thursday morning, my social media marketing professor Matt Ray told us about a unique opportunity at his company: a chance to be a part of the social media team for the Philly Auto Show.   Naturally, I did what any self-respecting social media nerd would do. I […]

Mobile Wars and Border Doors: The Ads of Super Bowl 51

What started as a snoozefest turned into the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, earning New England Patriots QB Tom Brady his coveted fifth ring and FOX an extra $20 million in ad revenue. Oh yeah, the ads: the other half of Super Bowl Sunday that makes it hard to catch a bathroom break. Brands […]

Employee Spotlight: A Day in the Life of Anaïs

You may have noticed that we hired an account coordinator a little while back. You can find her here. Hey dudes, whatcha workin' on? A photo posted by ChatterBlast Media (@chatterblast) on Nov 15, 2016 at 1:22pm PST Or somewhere in here. #regram from @thehumanhigh5, who swung by yesterday with a gingerbread friend to wish […]

Snapchat and Oracle’s Big Fat (Data) Wedding

Surprise! (Not really.) Snapchat is stepping up its social advertising game yet again. A new partnership between the Snap-machine and our friends over at Oracle Data Cloud is moving forward, which means the world of puppy dog filters is about to meet the world of #bigdata. Say it with us: Daaaaaang. #ReportingLive from the press […]

Point/Counterpoint: Instagram, Snapchat and the Fight for Your Stories

It’s only been a few months since Instagram rolled out its Snapchat-esque Stories feature, but in the world of social media, that’s an eternity. Instagram Stories have since infiltrated most of our social media habits to the point where Stories are no longer a novelty that many were quick to call unoriginal and a cheap […]