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The ACLU Showed Us How to Mobilize a Movement on Social Media

I was in the middle of eating breakfast on Saturday, Jan. 28 when news spread far enough of President Donald Trump’s executive order barring entrance to the United States by refugees and green-card holders from seven Middle Eastern nations. The one that has since been deemed The Muslim Ban. I was out of town visiting […]

InPHLuencers: Melony Roy Shares Her Secrets to Social

Melony Roy has been a staple in the Philadelphia media scene for quite some time now, beginning as a production assistant at KYW Newsradio. In those halcyon days, Myspace thrived and Facebook was in its infancy. The question as to whether or not large media institutions like KYW should embrace this emergent technology wasn’t even considered relevant […]

The Best Memes of 2016

Art is not merely an imitation of the reality of nature, but in truth a metaphysical supplement to the reality of nature, placed alongside thereof for its conquest. — Frederick Neitzche Y’all. It won’t stop getting amazing! — Chewbacca Mom  Memes dominated 2016. But that was inevitable, right? Memes have rapidly become such ubiquitous pieces […]

This Thanksgiving, Consider Unplugging From Social Media

You guys! We did it. It’s Thanksgiving week. We made it. This year has felt extra long, right? What, with all the…stuff that has happened. Oh, and all the other things, too. You know. Everything has been and continues to be a lot. But we’re finally here. The home stretch to the new year begins […]

Rest in Peace, Vine. And Now, Our Favorite Vines.

It’s a sad day, readers. Vine just announced that the looping video platform will soon cease to exist, as Twitter has decided to put it out to pasture. Emerging in 2013 as a decidedly unique take on a video-first social platform, Vine’s strict six-second looping format was, akin to Twitter’s 140 character constraints, integral to the […]