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Mobile Wars and Border Doors: The Ads of Super Bowl 51

What started as a snoozefest turned into the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, earning New England Patriots QB Tom Brady his coveted fifth ring and FOX an extra $20 million in ad revenue. Oh yeah, the ads: the other half of Super Bowl Sunday that makes it hard to catch a bathroom break. Brands […]

Snapchat and Oracle’s Big Fat (Data) Wedding

Surprise! (Not really.) Snapchat is stepping up its social advertising game yet again. A new partnership between the Snap-machine and our friends over at Oracle Data Cloud is moving forward, which means the world of puppy dog filters is about to meet the world of #bigdata. Say it with us: Daaaaaang. #ReportingLive from the press […]

Welcome to the Fabulous World of Bollywood Social Media

Lights. Camera. Action. Welcome to the world of Bollywood, where movie stars are dressed in Indian fashion’s absolute finest; where stars are revered and respected almost as much as one’s parents; where performing and dancing to colorful and lively music with an expansive and magical backdrop (and 50+ background dancers—see below) is the norm; and […]

Did These Two Social Networks Take Twinning Too Far?

Twinning: the art of sharing a look or idea with your bestie. Duh. You don't want to mess with this dynamic denim duo. #Twinsies #👯 A photo posted by ChatterBlast Media (@chatterblast) on Aug 2, 2016 at 10:57am PDT Facebook and Instagram spent all of 2016 twinning. As we all know this is pretty easy […]

And Now, Your 2016 Social Network Report Card

In the world of social media, 2016 should be called “The Year of the Update”. We saw a lot of changes to our beloved social media platforms that have impacted the way we use them. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and reflect on how many times we had to update our apps: Let’s […]