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ChatterBlast University’s courses have been designed from the ground up as hands-on, comprehensive workshops to empower students with the tools they need to ground themselves competitively in the ever-evolving world of social media. We’ll bring the snacks.


Social Media for Social Good

Whether you’re a nonprofit, for-profit, social entrepreneur, university or public agency, you’re probably using social media tools to increase awareness about the good work you’re doing. But is it working? Do your key audiences understand the social impact you’re making? Do you have a strategy, or are you just posting to get followers, retweets and likes? Our workshop will help you build a strategy that expands your social media approach to achieve powerful results and create greater social good. We'll walk through the steps to crafting your message, leveraging the social good community at large, building relationships with your audience, rallying support and harnessing greater digital trends to maximize the impact you're making on your community and beyond. If your nonprofit is facing a major challenge in the digital and social media space, let us know! We'll be addressing each specific challenge in a hands-on workshop designed dissect and offer real-world solutions from social media and nonprofit professionals. We'll also be joined by esteemed nonprofit and industry experts for a panel session, where attendees will hear firsthand how to face challenges and maximize your message.

Course Instructor: ChatterBlast University and Sage Communications