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January 17, 2013

I walked into the offices with a suit and tie at the Philadelphia Building to interview for a social media intern position at ChatterBlast Media in June of 2011. My friend, Steve said, “You use Facebook and you’re fun, you should apply.” I ended up landing the internship, and quickly discarding the suit for the requisite hoodie and jeans, I jumped head first into the world of Facebook, Twitter, and digital marketing. After years of living la vie boheme, as an actor in Philadelphia, I suddenly had a fulltime job, a business card, and financial security.

Working at ChatterBlast was like riding a rocket ship. It was lightening fast, red hot, and always exciting. My bosses Evan and Matthew once touted the company as “the fast growing social media company in Philadelphia.” They may very well have been right.

In my time at ChatterBlast, I saw the offices go from four small rooms in the Philadelphia Building, to a beautiful open spaced office with hardwood floors above El Vez. The company’s recognition went from receiving a few tweets to coverage on Page 2 of casino the Philadelphia Inquirer.

I managed the social media project for the second fastest growing private company in America, I tweeted and posted for a global asset and investment company and set up the Instagram account for the most famous farmers’ market in America which receives over six million visitors per year. I developed creative content, executed contests and helped maintain the brand identity for each client. I received a crash course in how social media can be monetized and learned the power of amplifying a message through social channels.

After a year and half of working for ChatterBlast, it’s with a heavy heart and callused thumbs from tweeting that I say goodbye. Philadelphia founding father, Benjamin Franklin once said, “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” I’ve always wanted to live in Los Angeles, and it’s been my dream to work in the entertainment industry in some capacity – if not as an actor, then as a writer, producer, or, maybe even a social media guru. I move to LA to pursue my dreams. I thank ChatterBlast for the training and helping me get there.


We”ll miss you Michael!

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