Predictions for a Socially Distant Halloween

Kristen Sanchez
September 18, 2020

Am I getting too ahead of myself by thinking about Halloween in September? Maybe. But watching internet strangers get creative has been a giant beacon of hope for me during the depressing days of quarantine. So, with the best holiday on the horizon, of course I’m already anticipating how folks will continue this trend and make me feel better as I sit on my couch, dreaming about spooky seasons past.

Although party hopping and bowls of germy candy probably aren’t going to happen, here’s everything else I’m expecting to see unfold (through my phone screen).

Costume predictions

1. Anyone from Tiger King

This one is too easy. As one of the most popular shows of 2020, Tiger King will undoubtedly be everywhere this Halloween. The star subjects are bold and so easy to emulate. I expect to see just as many Joe Exotics as I do Carole Baskins. And maybe the occasional tiger for all the dedicated sidekicks.

2. TikTok stars


POV: Rosa forgets shes allergic to REAL FRUIT😭😂 #pov #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound – ADAMRAY

If you’re not scrolling through TikTok for costume inspiration, you’re looking in the wrong place. While it may not be the most creative costume, I’m sure plenty of folks will throw on a crop top, memorize one of the app’s most popular dances, and call it a day. But, for the daring folks out there, there are plenty of great characters just waiting to be replicated (*cough, cough* Rosa).

3. The cast of Hamilton

Hamilton made a comeback this year thanks to Disney+. So if you think you saw too many of the late-18th-century-inspired costumes about five years ago when the show first came out, prepare for a resurgence.

4. Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande from the “Rain on Me” music video

For the people spending quarantine buried in makeup tutorials: Now’s your chance to flex on us all. While it looks super intricate, the focus here really is just the bold white eyeliner. But anyone who’s done their own eyeliner knows that’s easier said than done. I’ll definitely compliment you if I see you pulling this one off.

5. X AE A-12

OK — yes. I’m going out on a limb here, but I have a lot of faith in you guys because the memes far surpassed my expectations after the birth of Grimes and Elon Musk’s strangely named baby. Do I have any idea how this could look? No. Will the talented, dedicated people of the internet figure it out? Probably. (Please don’t let me down with this one.)

Celebration predictions

Whether you look forward to giving out candy, have kids that you like to chaperone, or you’re still of trick-or-treating age (hi, you’re living my dream), you’ve probably already considered the fact that this year will be very different, if not totally cancelled. So how will your neighborhood adapt? I’m thinking there will be more people relying on the honor system by leaving out big bowls of candy and a giant bottle of hand sanitizer.

As for the rest of us who normally don’t have to work for the candy that sits out at parties, don’t throw out your costume ideas just yet. You can still post pictures on social media for internet points! But as far as social gatherings go, maybe a holiday twist is just the revamp that Zoom parties need right now.

2020 has thrown so many curveballs our way that making any type of prediction feels pointless since it will most likely be wrong. But hey, a girl can dream. However things actually look when the time comes, stay safe and spooky!