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November 18, 2013

We ask our interns during their exit interviews one trick question: Describe interning at ChatterBlast in one sentence. They often smile and say, “Well, that’s easy!” And then there’s a pause. “Wait, actually, I don’t even know where to begin.” Very rarely does an intern actually answer the question. Some could argue that that’s a bad thing, but I don’t think so.

As a former intern—all the way back in January 2013—that’s probably how I would’ve responded. Starting an internship is always a palms-sweaty-nervous feeling, but interning at ChatterBlast is more like that feeling you get when you ate way too much food. Partly due to the fact that, as one intern put it “we dominate food here” but more essentially you’re given work – crucial work – from start to finish.

Maybe your past internships revolved around making mass copies of pointless documents, ordering the grande non-fat-skinny-soy-caramel-latte-with-no-foam-extra-whip, and three shakes of cinnamon added on top, with a straw so you don’t stain your teeth. But I’m here to tell you that:

  1. We make our own copies because we have legs and arms.
  2. We have a Keurig so Starbucks runs are rare to none.

Being a ChatterBlast intern means you will get some real-world experience andknowledge. We will welcome you with open arms into the world of social media. At first, it may seem like a lot to take in—but I promise you, you’ll learn all the ins and outs of social media. But most importantly you’ll learn our secret on how to turn boring into a creative, eye-catching, successful post!

If you don’t believe, let me share my inspirational story about my internship-turned-full-time-job at ChatterBlast. I was a recent graduate of Montclair State University with a degree in history and no idea what I wanted to do with my life. So, yeah, you could say I was nervous! On my very first day interning at ChatterBlast, I quickly learned just how each post is carefully dissected and thought upon. This was one of the many big stepping stones I was able to take with me to continue my growth.

One of the best things about being an intern here is that you are involved in a lot of thedecisions and client meetings that occur. This gives you a backstage pass to see how account managers and other employees work with their superiors and their clients.Translation: you see all the blood, sweat, and tears poured into any given project.

Another superb factor about ChatterBlast is that we’re a small company, but we’re growing quickly. Positions open and more opportunities arise. That’s how I fell into a part-time position here midway through my internship and maintained it for 6 months. After a lot of hard work, determination, sweat and perhaps a few tears (kidding!), I was offered a full-time position! I “started from the bottom, now I’m here”! Drake, anyone? No?

An ideal Junior Blaster is someone who is an out-of-the-box thinker, has a well-rounded knowledge of social media, can dip into the creative side, will ask questions, knows that there is no “I” in team, does not mind researching and reporting (we all have to do it!) and is not afraid to work with strict deadlines. Having these qualities plus whatever makes you,you, will result in a successful internship!

Melissa, an intern-turned-part-timer, said, “No two days at ChatterBlast are the same. One day you’ll be writing a blog, the next creating content, then brainstorming creative ideas. What’s great about here is that we always have time for teambuilding events, a chance for us to bond.”

She’s right. At the end of the day when all the work is finished, we like to be a little Blaster family. Wanna be a part of it? Follow this LINK to see our postings on 4 FABULOUS intern slots, and feel free to hit us up with questions on our social points!

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Craig Beyerle

Craig Beyerle is an expert when it comes to social media engagement, caesar salads, and The Real Housewives. He lives in Center City, usually forecasting the latest weather.

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