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February 27, 2014

Just in from our friends at Facebook: A new update to the News Feed Algorithm (yes, another one) has launched—and this one impacts brands.

The latest change relates directly to tagging other pages on Facebook. Now, when you tag a brand, the post shows up in the newsfeed of your page”s followers AND the tagged page”s followers. Read more about the details over on Mashable.

But what does this change mean for the people actually spend their days working with Facebook everyday?

From an agency perspective this is GREAT for expanding our clients” reach. We know that the most important thing we can do for our clients is get more eyeballs on their content. Having a quick and easy way to put their posts, photos and contests in front of even more potentially interested customers is an account manager’s dream!

However, this change has a potentially detrimental impact on data and reporting. Because third-party social content management systems have not yet evolved to incorporate Facebook tagging technology, the only way content creators can tag another page is to do it directly in the native best online casino Facebook tool. Although Insights—the internal reporting mechanism built within Facebook—have grown more robust over the last year or so, the data does not compare to what can be pulled from management systems like Sprout Social and Spredfast.

As all account managers know, in-depth data analysis and reporting is one of the most important things we can do for our clients. We can create content all day long, but if we don’t understand what types of posts and campaigns are successful, there is no way to maintain a community that is truly engaged and interested.

The ideal solution here is obvious: Social content management systems must evolve to allow Facebook tagging. This means that Facebook must work with third-parties to encourage this type of development.

The future of Facebook and brands is changing. Stay tuned to ChatterBlast for updates on how your brand can navigate the landscape.


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