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William Penn Foundation


The William Penn Foundation (WPF) is one of the Greater Philadelphia region’s leading philanthropic institutions, supporting citywide cultural and educational nonprofits since 1945. The William Penn Foundation funds arts-based programming, watershed protection movements and educational resources.

With such admirable goals, the WPF was faced with a challenge: How do you tell the stories of all this great work in a succinct and powerful manner through social media? Counting policy makers, grantees, nonprofit organizations and the Greater Philadelphia community among its target audiences, WPF approached ChatterBlast to create a digital strategy that extends its mission and messages into a streamlined digital voice.


CBM created a social media strategy for the WPF that serves as a robust and detailed blueprint for the organization’s social and digital practices, including outlines for developing original blog photo and video-based content series that highlight their supported organizations, and impact and analytics measurement—all designed to strengthen WPF’s position as a philanthropic thought leader and active participant in the community it serves and supports.

CBM’s strategy featured a robust engagement layer, focusing on Twitter chats and leveraging industry influencers and guest bloggers to spread WPF messaging to an even greater amount of audiences.

In order to enact this strategy, CBM included detailed blueprints on social media best practices, publishing schedules, recommend channels, and overall internal workflow implementation for WPF.

With these tools, CBM empowered WPF to elevate their own voice across social media, extending its voice and footprint among the communities it supports.

Results at a Glance

Our Solution

By creating a strategy and roadmap for active participation within the community it serves, CBM identified opportunities for the William Penn Foundation to expand its voice, reach and influence across social media. From the specialized content it produces to the manner in which it engages with its audiences, CBM's comprehensive strategy enabled WPF to efficiently cross into the social space.