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September 18, 2014


Jackie Kollar joined ChatterBlast Media (CBM) as the agency’s digital strategist in June, and she’s quickly established herself as a crucial part of the team. She talks work, jumping out of airplanes and destroying the best burger in South Philly.

If your life had a hashtag, what would it be?

Oh this is easy. This is something discussed on a weekly basis — #CrayJayKay (credit to Craig).

Crazy First Initial Last initial.


Would you rather climb a mountain or jump out of an airplane?

Jump out of an airplane, hands down. I might be the only person that loves that “stomach drop” feeling you get when you’re on a rollercoaster.


Tell me about your role at CBM.

As a digital strategist I develop social media blueprints for clients. This process begins with peer evaluation and research and (depending on the client), leads into content, creative campaign(s), engagement and advertising strategies.

I love that CBM is a boutique agency that puts out big-agency work. You get a “family feel” here that can be lost in a bigger company. From handmade soaps, tickets to events, to chocolate-covered pretzels – you know this is an agency that loves its neighborhood and its city.

There’s also a real sense of community involvement here. The CBM team gives a lot of its time to projects outside of work, like the MS City to Shore bike ride and the quarterly Day of Service. It’s important to me to work for a place that cares so much about life outside of the office.


Speaking of the Day of Service, we recently worked in the kitchen at MANNA, the city’s Meals on Wheels program. What did you think about the experience? Did you rush out and buy a hair net to spice up your wardrobe?

I absolutely LOVED taking part in a program that helps out the local community, especially involving tofu and cabbage (no joke, I love veggies). It’s incredible that as a team we were able to put together close to 1,000 meals in one session. #TeamChatterBlast (using hashtag hand motion).

…and I can’t say a hair net will be my next purchase. I’ll stick to my leather booties this fall.


You came to ChatterBlast from One Trick Pony. What did you do there?

I focused on account and project management. Depending on the client, I worked on projects that ranged from a simple mailer to assisting in the creation of huge digital campaigns.

Out of all our clients, Virgin Mobile was the heaviest in the digital and social-sphere. I assisted in managing their social platforms along with executing and reporting on a range of digital projects – not to mention Freefest! I got to meet Icona Pop there. I was thrilled.

Working on the digital projects really led me to CBM. I was doing creative executions, running social media and blogs, and carrying out weekly reporting. It was a natural transition for me.


Having worked on both project management and creative execution, which do you enjoy most? In other words, are you more of an Evan or a Matt?

It’s tough to say, I have a background in design so I definitely enjoy the creative process and executions. However, there’s something about the control and organization of the management side of things that really interests me.

Can I be an Evatt?


Yes. Yes you can. So with all of your hands-on experience in the field, what do you think is the most powerful aspect of social? best online casino What sets it apart from traditional media?

Social’s biggest strength is that it’s so instantaneous. There’s no way you can pump out any other type of media as fast as you can retweet or share a story through social.

That’s what makes it the next news source for our generation. From hard news, like business or world events, to things like sports and celebrity updates, people are hitting Twitter for everything. I even know people who look up the weather on Twitter before they check The Weather Channel!


What social media accounts do you follow? Who influences you the most?

Well this list could go on for days but here are the “biggies” I check on the daily…

Death Taxes, Adweek, Thought Catalog, Refinery29, This Advertising Life, Who What Wear, and my personal favorite, Betches Love This. Don’t judge until you read it, aka you should probably read it now.

As far as influencers, I would have to say Refinery29 does a great job at dictating not only my purchases, but how I read my news. Each morning they put out “things you need to know this AM” which is a great little catch-up on news and other trending topics in a short and concise format, which is perfect for my attention span while walking to work in the morning,

Also let’s not forget at how fabulous they are at putting together top fashion must haves for each weekend.


Where’s the best food in the city?

Royal TavernI just destroyed one of those burgers, and can’t get enough of their potato skins filled with duck. Barbuzzo – they have really good everything, who doesn’t love bone marrow? And Talula’s Garden for the atmosphere and the best cheese plate you can get.


When she’s not developing digital strategy in the CBM office, Jackie can be found watching the Flyers, hanging out on the Jersey Shore, and checking Buzzfeed quiz results on Facebook.


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