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November 11, 2014

Jess Meeder is ChatterBlast Media’s (CBM) newest account manager, but she’s already made herself a key part of the team. Steve Skip, a second-semester content creator intern at CBM, sat down with Jess to talk about free coffee, scaring strangers, and basic candy in this Q&A.
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If you could hang out with any celeb, who would it be?

Jimmy Fallon, because he can crack himself up.
What’s your desert island movie, album, TV show?

Gilmore Girls. It started before the whole reality-TV Teen Mom thing blew up, so it was pretty cutting edge. More than any one album, I’d rather have my iPod that hasn’t been updated since ninth grade. Those songs just bring back the right memories and feelings. Movies? I’d take a rom-com. The Other Woman was one my roommate and I could both get behind, and we have wildly different tastes, so that says a lot for it.


Did you do Run4URLife? How was it?

I was on the ScareCrew at the second station on the run, rocking a mask that had a lot of red facial hair. It was probably even more scary for me than the runners because I was set up away from the rest of the people at my scare station, so when I thought I saw something I’d spook myself. I also couldn’t really see or breathe in my mask so that added an additional obstacle.
Did you do anything else for Halloween?

I watched movies and ate pumpkin spice Hershey’s Kisses.
They exist? That sounds pretty basic.

Hershey’s and pumpkin spice? Yeah, I don’t think it gets more basic than that.


What accounts are you in charge of here at CBM?

I handle Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA), AARP Pennsylvania, Crossroads Hospice and Philadelphia Arts in Education Partnership (PAEP).
What’s the biggest challenge in handling the PPA account?

Trying not to take criticism personally. I also hate that people can’t see how hard everyone works at the PPA. They’re just like everyone else, trying to do their jobs.
What’s your social platform of choice?

It’s a toss-up between Twitter and Instagram.
What social accounts do you follow?

I used to love DiGiorno’s Twitter, until they got burned on the #WhyIStayed fiasco. It’s too bad, because they were brilliant when they live-tweeted The Sound of Music. I also follow Cher — she’s been killing it on Twitter. I really dig any account that keeps it lighthearted and can give me a good laugh.
You worked at Men’s Health in New York before you came to CBM. What was your role there?

I had a hand in pretty much everything on the marketing side. I worked in all aspects of events — from the Urbanathlon race series to our 25th Anniversary party, I was able to help with planning and execution. Added value programs fell within my realm there as well. I would work with advertisers to develop and gain approval for the added value elements of their program. This could be a printed ad, a Facebook post or a premium material, like men’s travel kits with top-notch grooming gear.
You’ve lived in Pittsburgh and New York. How is Philly different from those cities?

People are very no-BS here. They’ll say things you might not hear in other towns — like when someone holds a door for you and they think you’re taking too long to get to it, they’ll tell you. But they’re also really friendly here — they actually say hello, where in NYC everyone just kind of puts blinders on.



What’s your favorite hangout spot right now?

I’m still learning the lay of the land here, but I love the history of the city. Washington Square is one of my favorite places to sit and people watch.



You’re a Pittsburgh fan. What do you have to say for yourself?

Pittsburgh pride! I’m learning to love the Eagles too…even if it’s just for the free coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts.
When she’s not killing it in the social sphere, Jess can be found checking out the restaurant scene in Fairmount.

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