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October 23, 2013


It ain’t easy being, Kurt Gies. ChatterBlast’s new account manager has had a rough year. The sports-obsessed Philly-area native has watched his beloved teams stink up the court and the field this season. (check out his tweets about Flyers coach Peter Lavoilette’s firing). When he’s not shouting at his TV, Kurt spends his days at ChatterBlast World Headquarters, where he’s our resident Reddit specialist and fitted-hat enthusiast. He took some time out to give us the lowdown on everything from Twitter’s biggest problem to what his mom really thinks of him.

My name is … Kurt Gies. That is G-I-E-S. Not Goose. Or Geese.

I am … wearing a hat.

I live with … my extremely cute dog, Roo, and my amazing girlfriend, Amanda.

My favorite social media platform is … Twitter. It’s like a drug. I use it and it’s fun, but then again, it hurts me because people don’t favorite or retweet my stuff.

If you’re coming to my house for dinner, please bring … a vegetarian, gluten-free pizza.

If there’s a drink in my hand, it’s probably … a mojito because mojitos are magically delicious.

The place I’d most like to live someday is … Anywhere in the world? London. United States? California.

My favorite person to follow on Twitter is … @TVmywifewatches. His tweets are a bit obscene and extremely racy, but I online casino find him very funny.

I think social media is … Fun for personal use and evolving for businesses. I think I got into social media at the right time.

I am just so sick of … every Philadelphia sports team losing. That’s a gigantic part of my life so watching them lose is not fun.

If I could switch places with one person for a day, it would be … The Dude from The Big Lebowski. I feel like some of his personality traits may reflect mine. If not him, then definitely Ken Griffey Jr.

One thing this city doesn’t have that it needs desperately is … Pipes that don’t smell really bad because I’m sick of it smelling like you-know-what all over the streets. Also, a bike share, which I hear is coming to Philadelphia.

The problem with Twitter is … nobody retweets my stuff and nobody likes my jokes!

The best thing about Instagram is … That people will like your picture if you put the correct tags in. You can be extremely popular on Instagram and not be popular in life.

iPhone or Android? iPhone. More reliable, looks cooler, everybody has one.

I think hashtags are … awesome. They’re useful. And funny. #kurtsbeinginterviewedrightnow #whyiskurtbeinginterviewedrightnow.

I became obsessed with fitted hats when … my girlfriend encouraged me to buy my first hat on the boardwalk. I never looked back. Just like my hats. My hat always stays forward, never turns back.

I’d totally lose it, if I met … I’m pretty unexcitable, but meeting the entire Phillies team … I’d probably faint and they’d have to put smelling salts in front of me.

You can almost always find me … on Twitter, on my phone, with my head down.

Kittens or puppies? Puppies, absolutely. I am deathly allergic to kittens. I could be the first person to be killed by a kitten.

The top item on my bucket list is … I really wanna go sky-diving, but that’s the corny one that everyone says. I’d also like to travel around the world.

My mom thinks I … Need to cut my hair and stop wearing hats.

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