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Here at ChatterBlast, we are undeniably out and proud, so it’s fitting that we celebrate Gay Pride Month with a proper salute: its very own blog.

Although Pride has always been important to us, it was only a few years back when you didn’t see many (read: any) big brands waving the rainbow flag.

Now, many of our favorite retailers, foods, and yes, even politicians are standing with us in the digital Pride Parade. Brands have finally realized that if they want to reach the LGBT consumer, they have to get on social media. And they’re reaching us with powerful messages of acceptance, equality, and lots of love.

We scoured the Internet for companies and brands that are making a big impact with their LGBT-centric campaigns. Here are few of our favorites:


We were all left scratching our heads when the Midwest-based retailer donated thousands to an anti-gay political candidate a few years back. Since then, the retail giant has made significant strides to win back the trust of the LGBT community, and this year’s Pride Month campaign is no exception.

Their #TakePride campaign boldly states that you’re not born with pride, but you take pride in who you were born to be. Naturally, the campaign is reinforced by uber-gay merchandise, donations to pro-gay groups, and a beautifully produced and empowering video featured on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.


Hillary Clinton

Let’s be clear. Between her social media presence, online store, and series of books, Hillary is a bona fide American brand. She is also unapologetically supportive of best online casino LGBT rights. Hillary knows where her supporters live, and that’s on Twitter and Facebook. Over the years she’s cleverly used social media to amass a cult following of supporters, and even inspired a rogue campaign slogan.

In honor of Pride Month, the presidential hopeful has given her much-debated logo a fabulous overhaul. She’s also released a line of out and proud T-shirts, conveniently available on her campaign website.


General Mills

It’s no wonder the cereal manufacturing giant uses rainbow-centric brand Lucky Charms to promote Pride. Launched in 2013, #LuckyToBe celebrates individuality and inclusiveness, and this year, they’ve released an uplifting video featuring a diverse mix of people proclaiming why they’re lucky to be.

General Mills is banking on people feeling inspired after watching the video, so they’ve partnered with Vivoom, an app that where users can create and share their own #LuckyToBe video. For folks who don’t download the app, the campaign also encourages them to post and tweet to Lucky Charms about why they are #LuckyToBe.

They’re also hoping you’re inspired to buy some Lucky Charms. For the month of June they’ve released 5 new diamond swirled marshmallows. If that doesn’t scream Pride, we don’t know what does!


American Apparel

The L.A.-based retailer often finds itself stirring up controversy, but when it comes to LGBT issues, it’s usually for the right reasons.

This year, they’re celebrating Pride Month with their #EqualityForward campaign, which promotes a collection of clothing that benefits the Human Rights Campaign. They use Instagram to feature gay and lesbian couples embracing while modeling AA’s limited edition clothing. The product launch will be accompanied by several in-store drag performances. Controversy is sure to follow.


Ben and Jerry’s

The ice cream manufacturer has always leaned left, and this year’s support of Pride Month makes no exception.

Pride Month: A Spectrum of Ways to Show LGBT Support is proudly featured on the company’s blog, offering ways for folks to take part in the month’s festivities. They suggest attending a pride parade with dates and locations around the country and offer easy ways to get educated talk about the issues. They’ve also pushed the blog entry on their social media platforms, accompanied with some inspiring and appetizing imagery.


The country’s perception on LGBT rights is changing, and it’s changing fast. That change is reflected in the messages and campaigns of the brands, politicians, and corporations mentioned above, and that has us feeling, well…PROUD!

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Joey Conicella

In his pre-ChatterBlast life, Joey was co-owner of The Yum Yum Cupcake Truck in Orlando, Florida. Joey currently resides in the Fairmount section of the city with is husband, two dogs, cat, and one too many antiques.

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