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December 5, 2013

If you know what Reddit is, you probably think this blog post is about funny cat pictures or memes or maybe about an abundance of porn. If you don’t know what Reddit is….well then you just don’t know what Reddit is. But lucky for those in the know and those not in the know, we’re uncovering how Reddit is useful for our clients, other brands and how fun it is to browse.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is known for its original content and is nicknamed “the front page of the internet.” Users share photos, videos, links or ask questions in a variety formats, which can turn into massive conversations in the comments section.

One of the key benefitsof Reddit is that users feel safe being extremely candid are more inclined to verse their opinion because of the maximum amount of privacy that is offered. To post and comment, all you need is a user name and password, no email, no security questions about your favorite childhood teacher or your first pet’s name.

It doesn’t really matter what you’re looking for—cute dogs, funny cats, breaking news or a specific brand niche—it’s more than likely on Reddit. So when Matt or Evan see me on Reddit watching this adorable pitbull puppy run on a treadmill, I’m actually doing research for my clients … really! .

How do posts become so popular on Reddit?

Reddit users can give posts an “up” or “down” vote. (Think: The Reddit version of “Liking” someone’s Facebook status.) An “up” vote will push a post closer to the front page. A “down” vote will do just the opposite. The number of up votes minus the number of down votes will give each post a rank, seen as posts points.

Cool! So if I want to promote my brand, I can just start throwing my content on Reddit?

Not so fast! Reddit users will be all over that post like white on rice to down vote it into the depths of Reddit for no one to see ever again. Reddit isn’t a place for brands to promote themselves but to gather and analyze data, opinions and content.

So why should clients or brands use Reddit?

Brands can search through the massive amounts of data on Reddit to see what users are saying about their brand or competitors. But keep in mind: It might not be pretty. Reddit users are brutally honest (remember online casino what we said about Reddit users being anonymous?). And although brands can rebut comments or engage in conversation, users are highly against brands on Reddit and will not hesitate to use words that will put them on the naughty list.

From a social standpoint, Reddit is one of the best places to get fresh and breaking content for social posting. By finding timely content, it’s likely that your fans and followers have not seen the article, picture or video you’re posting, making them more likely to like, comment, retweet, share and drool.

Wait, so it’s like Buzzfeed?

If you’re a Buzzfeed fan, it’s more than likely some of the stories you’re reading and images you’re laughing at are from Reddit, which Reddit-ers apparently aren’t too fond of….guess momma never told them sharing is caring.

So if Reddit is this giant internet database, how do I search it?

Despite the overwhelming amount of data and users, Reddit makes it easy for user to search. Typing a word like “Philadelphia” into the Reddit search bar will populate a page with two sections, keywords and subreddits.

Keywords are exactly what you’re thinking, a list of all posts on Reddit that mention the word “Philadelphia.”

Subreddits are like chapters, where users are only talking about that specific topic. So the Philadelphia subreddit (/r/Philadelphia) is where users can find anything from a window-washer posting photos of his terrifying, yet stunning job to the news about Kevin Hart donating $250,000 to a Philly school to buy laptops.

Cool! How do I get started?

Just do it!

Type into your internet browser and start digging. More than likely you’ll find funny or touching things that you’ll use for your own personal use on the front page, like this dog who has no idea what he did. Searching for a company or brand will require a little more digging in keywords and subreddits,

Any other advice?

Just remember NSFW means Not Suitable For Work and the stuff in there is… well… not very suitable for the workplace… at all.

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