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July 1, 2013

ChatterBlast Media has a new edition! Meet Julia Giacoboni, who joined the team on April 1st of this year. As we do with all our fresh meat, we grilled Julia to get the 411 on her background, skills, and personal dirt…

Are you originally from Philadelphia?
I grew up in rural South Jersey, surrounded by tomato fields and chickens. I absolutely love city living, but I’ll always be a country girl. When I visit my hometown, I’m off the grid – no Wi-Fi, no cable, not even a dishwasher – a far cry from my weekdays at ChatterBlast.

So on those weekdays, what DO you DO at ChatterBlast? 
My role here is Social Account Manager, so I help plan out strategies and campaigns for our clients. Aside from that, I have an unhealthy obsession with the shop Nuts to You, so my desk is home to the official ChatterBlast snack drawer. I am also keeper of the ChatterBlast office fish and resident Bradley Cooper enthusiast. (I have a framed photo of him and me on my desk, and yes, it’s real!)

What happens outside of the office? 
A night on the couch is not my style. You can catch me at the gym during the weeknights and volunteering at Philly AIDS Thrift on random weekends. Other than that, I love frozen yogurt, Mr. Peanut, catching concerts, riding my bike around the city, and hanging on my front stoop.

How did you land a job in social media?
After graduating from Rowan University, my first “big-girl” job was work for an advertising company, writing and voicing commercials for random clients. When the department ran out of work, I decided to take my love for Tumblr, Twitter, and fashion and make a blog (mainly so people would send me free clothes). It worked! Eventually, I stopped looking for voice-over jobs and started focusing strictly on social. Later, I found a home at an ad agency in the ‘burbs and learned the ropes about becoming a brand’s voice. I was with them for a year and a half before coming to CBM.

Then you came to ChatterBlast… 
Yes, and starting at CBM was incredibly exciting and nervous. I decided to leave a position I was very comfortable in to take on a challenge, career-wise. So, I took a big breath and I learned that change is a good thing! Each day, I feel frustrated, stressed, encouraged, and accomplished – and I love that. It’s all comes from being passionate about what I do.

I love working in an environment where all eyes are on social. More so, I’m happy to be part of a team that has a true enthusiasm for our projects, campaigns, and clients. We consistently push each other to learn new skills and tools to further our ideas and better serve our clients.

What’s your prediction for the future of social? 
Social media has grown SO QUICKLY and is only going to get bigger and better. Not to sound like an old lady, but when I was in college this job didn’t even exist. Now, running a company without a social strategy or monitoring plan in place is a HUGE mistake. Owners are missing out on an enormous opportunity to sell and build their brand to a network outside of traditional advertising tactics.

What social platform is your favorite? 
I’d have to say Instagram or Twitter. I see them as the most effective for marketing a brand and engaging ambassadors to get people talking. What I love the most about social is that really rips down the barriers. If I want to talk to Leonardo DiCaprio, I can tweet him endlessly until he responds. As a brand, I can talk to my customers or target people who I think would want my product. The marketing possibilities are pretty much endless.

What are you goals as part of the ChatterBlast team? 
I am consistently inspired by the accomplishments of my co-workers, so I’d have to say that my goals revolve around learning, collaborating, and creating more alongside them. ChatterBlast gives me the opportunity to take an idea and run with it, with support, constructive criticism, and tons of experience from my peers.

I want to strive to consistently impress our clients with engaging, unique ideas that show them results and get them and their customers EXCITED about social.

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