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May 28, 2013

It seems another intern season has come to end. This year we were graced with the presence of Greek! Not a divine presence from Mount Olympus, but we got the next best thing: Isabella Meyer, a sorority sister from Delta Phi Epsilon.

Isabella has just completed her junior at Temple University, majoring in advertising with a minor in sociology. This year she decided to partake in her first internship, expecting the typical coffee runs and impossible errands, but here at ChatterBlast we’re not about that. Instead we threw her the curveball of social media. Not expecting her to hit a homerun right away, she quickly proved us wrong! And then some.

Being an intern at ChatterBlast not too long ago, ChatterBlast Associate Craig Beyerle wanted to learn more about Isabella’s experience as an intern. Craig sat down with Isabella to talk about the highlights of her first internship.

What was your level of knowledge about social media before taking this internship? What about now?

I like to think that my knowledge of social media was high for the average sorority girl. I would say it was 75 percent before. I did the whole Facebook thing (more so to stalk everyone and keep dibs on my frenemies), but Twitter was my main go-to social media app. After my internship, I feel confident saying that my knowledge is 90 percent!

What did you enjoy most about interning here?

Honestly, the people who work here. Everyone was so easy to talk to, and extremely helpful. You know– if I made a mistake it wasn’t like I was fired from the internship. It was more of a learning experience; you learn from your mistakes, which is so best online casino important for someone like me, who is just starting out.

I have to say, I must agree with you. I know it must be hard to pick just one, but what would you say is your favorite memory from interning here?

Tough question! I would say that when the new pope was announced, I had to make paper pope hats for Evan (ChatterBlast CEO and Co-Founder) and Geoff, who won the Pope March Madness. That was fun. Right after that commotion, I went with Julie (ChatterBlast Senior Associate) to my first Unite Fitness class. That was difficult, but a very good workout nonetheless.

So there has been some talk that you have an obsession with Grocery, the market down the street. Care to comment?

(Laughs) Yes, yes, I do have an obsession with Grocery. On my way to ChatterBlast, I would pass it so I became interested as to what this place is. When I went in I was surprised by all the different foods they offer. So as the weeks went on, that just became my go-to place. I’m kind of craving some right now actually.

Alright, alright, I’ll wrap up this interview very soon. You said you’re in a sorority. What’s that like? Will you now run their social media page?

I love it. It opened many doors for me to meet other students and stay involved with the student body. Also, that’s how I was made aware of this internship. I actually just applied to a position that would require me to run TUGA (Temple University Greek Association) social media pages, so let’s hope I get that!

Any plans for the summer?

Every summer I work at the YMCA day camp. This will be my third year. It definitely makes my summers more interesting. Besides that though, I just plan on hanging with my friends, growing my social media knowledge and gearing up for my final year of college. Kind of scary!

So should I leave this with a ‘goodbye’ or a ‘see you soon’?

Let’s go with see you soon! You never know when I’ll be back.

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