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April 4, 2014


It’s obvious to us that our interns are some of the best you can find in Philadelphia, and this semester is no different. Five bright, intelligent and sassy young women have joined the ChatterBlast Media headquarters, and it’s time for you to get to know them. This semester, we have:

Paige, from Allentown, PA, and Alex F, from Downingtown, PA are our content creator interns
Brianna, from Brooklyn, NY, is our business development intern.
Alex T, from Port Washington, NY, is our research and reporting intern.
Alana, from South Philadelphia, PA, is our graphic design intern.

All of our girls are proud Temple University Owls.

We sat down with our interns and picked their brains to learn more about who they are and what they think about ChatterBlast so far.

What is it like interning for a company that focuses on social media?


Paige: Honestly, it humbles me. Everyday I see the nice, hilarious, food-loving people put their all into quality content. Once brands’ posts are out on the feed, you can easily forget that a human strategized, brainstormed and wrote it. I appreciate social media more, both as a craft and a way to engage.


Brianna: It is a great experience. I”m grateful that I work with progressive thinkers who genuinely want to make an impact with their words and actions.


Alex T: I love that ChatterBlast only focuses on social media because they give their undivided attention to it. Social definitely needs that attention and my time here has just reinforced that belief.

What’s it like creating diverse content for different accounts?


Alex F: It’s refreshing. If you are stuck on one thing, you can completely switch it up by beginning work for a different account. There”s a lot of variety here. We have clients all over the spectrum; some have a conservative voice while others want to make a splash and have some serious sass. Both of these types are equally challenging, and it”s fun to change gears between the two throughout the workday.

Paige: My past experiences lie in in-house marketing, so handling assignments from varying accounts is super interesting. Writing in diverse brand voices feels sort of like acting—which I’ve never actually done, but I’m taking creative liberties on this one.

How is your internship here different than others you’ve had?

Alex F: ChatterBlast differs in their level of structure and organization, as well as thefreedom they provide us. We know what”s expected of us and what role we play on the CBM team. At the same time we are free to run wild with what we”re asked to do. Personally, this is the kind of set up where I thrive, so I”m really enjoying it! Also, this internship definitely has more snacks than my other ones.

Brianna: I”ve never had an internship in this, or any, industry. I am the first business development intern, and I love being a part of the growth and progression of a company. I”m given insight on what Evan (Urbania, CEO and best online casino Co-founder) wants ChatterBlast to improve on, and I have the opportunity to help improve it.


Alana: I have never had an internship before this, and it is safe to say that I may not have another opportunity like this again. As ChatterBlast’s first graphic design intern, I am always working on a number of different projects, and it shows me how much fun graphic design is!

What social media site will we catch you on the most and why?

Alex FTwitter for sure. I”m a people person, so I love getting to experience the things that cross people”s minds throughout the day. There”s always something interesting to read, at least on my TL.

Brianna: You will catch me on Facebook the most. With my family being so far away sometimes I feel closer to them that way. My mom would text me pictures of my baby brother everyday and now I have to stalk her Facebook page to see them.

AlanaInstagram is definitely my go-to platform! I”m a visual person, so I love posting and looking at pictures. For me, it is so much easier than finding the words to say something!

Alex T: You will definitely catch me on Instagram. I always have my phone out for great moments and love to capture them. I would consider myself an instapro!

Paige: Instagram! I love Twitter, but no one seems to think I’m as funny as I do. Besides, Instagram’s a great way to show people what an exciting, hip life I lead! In all seriousness, I’m a sucker for the quippiness of Twitter and the visuals of Instagram.

Are you a social media monster, maverick or magician?

Alex F: Hmm, how about a maven. Or is that cheating since it”s not on the list? I realize it”s a bit ambitious, but I just like the sound of it!

PaigeMonster. I can get aggressive.

Alex T: I”m a social media magician. As a research and reporting intern, I do a lot of the background work no one usually notices. However, it is super important and helpful.

Alana: I think I am what you would you call a monster. I’m certainly assertive.

Brianna: In my opinion monsters are supposed to be scary and magicians are just illusionists. I”d say I”m a social media maverick, as well as a maverick in general because it”s important to think creatively and independently.

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