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December 11, 2014

Ch-ch-ch-changes should be Facebook’s new theme song. And boy, did they announce some BIG changes that were implemented and some that are still on their way. So what do users and publishers have to look forward to in the upcoming months?

  1. Targeting by Interest: Available immediately, publishers will be able to target certain people that like their page based off their fans’ interests. If Purina would like to push out a post about a new dog food and would like to just reach the users who like dogs, it’s as simple as selecting targeting and typing in ‘dogs’. Isn’t that a treat?



2.Post End Date: This one is pretty straight forward- eliminate a post from appearing in the newsfeed (desktop only) by selecting an end date. If dELiA*s #TBT decides to have a sale and it ends Saturday- that post can be scheduled to stop being shown once the sale is over. The post will still appear on dELiA*s page.

Post End Date

3. Smart Publishing: Only available to large publishers currently, smart publishing allows for a Klout Score boost! But really, it analyzes stories that resonate with your audience and publishes them into the newsfeed, not onto the publisher’s page. Facebook hopes to make this more, “broadly available” in the coming months.

4. Improvement to Insights: Reporting on growth and engagement is critical for publishers in order to strategize and plan. Facebook has made enhancements in order to explain how social plug-ins drive traffic to websites and it also took a deeper dive in analyzing the top URLs shared and explains if an influencer had shared the post. For example, if Ashton Kutcher shares your post, you can now see how much engagement that contributed to the post.

Ashton Kutcher


5. Facebook at Work: This will be similar to products from Google, Microsoft, and IBM. The program will allow users to share documents, group messaging, and will include a newsfeed. The best part- no information will be linked to the user’s personal Facebook account.

6. Grapevine Ads: Top advertisers will be able to have access to a very powerful tool that will allow them to see discussions happening around topics and how far the ads will reach and a deeper insight into the right consumers seeing the messaging. Just chalk this up as a ‘W’ for Facebook attracting more advertising.

7.Political Campaigns: For the 2016 election, candidates will need to rethink how to get potential voter information. Facebook is limiting users’ information to third party apps after the Obama campaign was able to acquire millions of friend lists of users who downloaded their app.

And knowing how the ‘Book works, this is only the beginning for what’s to come in 2015.

anime porn

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