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March 21, 2014

It happened to me last Friday around 6:45pm as I was just leaving the gym. I found myself saying…

I would give ANYTHING not to run into someone right now.

Between check-ins, tweets, and likes, it has become somewhat difficult to not “accidentally” stalk someone on social media – or better yet, avoid anyone. Well, now let me introduce you to Cloak – the anti-social app!

Spring fashion statement

No, this isn’t some sort of apparel from Hogwarts! Cloak is the latest trend in anti-social apps. It is currently working with Foursquare and Instagram check-ins to help you better avoid “that friend” – you know who I’m talking about.

But…I’m a social butterfly!

Chances are you would rather not run into your ex with his or her new flame at Nineteen – XIX, where they just uploaded their first selfie together on Instagram. Or maybe that co-worker who makes those 8-hour days feel like eternity. OR better yet, “that friend” who you make small talk with, but you know they aren’t your friend (we ALL have a frenemy). But maybe you’re looking a hot mess while walking home from the gym down 12th Street, and the last thing you want to do is run into your #MCM or #WCW.

You’re flagged

Well basically the creators Brian Moore and Chris Baker are so genius (and no, there was no help from Mr. Potter) they’ve enabled a “flag” feature, which allows users to be notified when they are in close proximity, as soon as they either check-in on Foursquare or upload a photo to Instagram – you’ll know! It’s almost like magic (insert lame joke attempt).

10 seconds or less – how does it work?

  • Download Cloak
  • Sync with your Instagram and Foursquare
  • Open your map
  • Check who’s around
  • Perhaps flag them if you’d rather never to run into them
  • And that’s it

Wait, what if that-person I’m trying to avoid isn’t on Foursquare or Instagram?

This is when the invisible cloak starts to wear off. For now, the app is solely linked to Foursquare and Instagram but…“We’ve got a lot more planned for Cloak, with Facebook being pretty important.” – a rep from the app told L.A. Times.

Give me the pros and cons – real quick and simple

Pro – Shows where people (who you don’t like) check in on a map
Con – Limited to only Foursquare and Instagram
Pro – Has ability to flag users – which will notify you when they are close by
Con – Relies solely on check-ins. So you better hope those frenemies are social media whores
Pro/Con – This app is exclusive to iPhone users only – sorry Droid lovers.

Anything else?

I better not find out that any of you are “Cloaking” me. (Yes, I just trademarked that)

Shout out to Alex K. from Skai Blue Media – You’ve been flagged.

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Craig Beyerle is an expert when it comes to social media engagement, caesar salads, and The Real Housewives. He lives in Center City, usually forecasting the latest weather.

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