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February 1, 2010

Sometimes we get so busy with our social media projects that we forget how much our work can mean to our clients. We often focus on measuring campaign success, return on investment and other pre-determined goals, but those aren’t the only metrics. After all, we are talking about “social” media, right? Our business practices are based on the fact that strong relationships will be more effective than mass messages.


So when I retrieved our mail this week, I was touched to nbso online casino reviews find this note from our client Diana Nyad along with a payment for our services. We’ve written about Diana’s Extreme Dreambefore, and we are happy to support her effort this year as well as work with her on other endeavors like public speaking and Brava Body.

We love working with Diana, and we are thrilled that she loves working with us too. Sometimes the best compensation comes from the heart, not the bank account.

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Evan Urbania

Evan Urbania is the CEO and Co-Founder of ChatterBlast Media. He can often be found cycling, reading obscure tech blogs, teasing the office dog or getting bored with new social media apps.

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