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March 25, 2014

Admit it… you love Pinterest. With the advent of Pinterest, gone are the days of bulletin boards, wish lists and wedding chests. Now, all your ‘to-dos’ and ‘I wants’ can be compiled with a click of a button or tap of the finger.

My mom recently bought her first smartphone. Besides the “k” and “nah” texts, Pinterest has become her new favorite button to tap on the device.

Pinterest provides a seemingly endless number of ways for my mom to create whatever comes to her mind. You can search for a recipe for garlic cheesy bread and thousands of ways to construct such a simple food will come up. (But if you want to take 105,221 re-pinners advice, has the best one, breaking the record for most re-pinned Pinterest pin as of July 2013.)

For cuisine enthusiasts like my mom, finding new recipes is an adrenaline rush. The excitement of buying the ingredients, the process of making it, and ultimately giving your taste buds the ride of their lives. Pinterest does more than just providing step-by-step instructions, though. The site also provides a list of stores where you can buy the ingredients!

But maybe you’re just like my mom three months ago and you have no idea what Pinterest is. Let me explain it to you. It is all about discovery.

Here are some stats that might help make sense of what “pinning” is all about:

  • Pinterest has 70 MILLION active users
  • 2.5 billion monthly page views
  • The 5 most popular “pins” are: décor, babies, recipes, wedding and fashion
  • 80 percent of pins are “re-pinned”
  • 68 percent of users are female, 32 percent casino online male

Not only is Pinterest useful for moms and recipe seekers, it is useful for business owners, teachers and other professionals.


For e-commerce businesses, Pinterest is a goldmine. Pinterest users are 20 percent more likely to visit a commerce site than non-Pinterest users. And the average visitor to that commerce site spends $140 to $180. It’s evolving the way we digitally interact. Whether you”re using it for B2C, C2C, B2B, or just perusing on a Saturday afternoon like my mom, Pinterest allows users to access multitudes of brands in the click of a button. (Hint, hint, if you’re a startup – Pinterest is your free-of-charge PR agent. Just ask The Perfect Palette. They have 485,469 followers and are one of the most successful, go-to wedding color and shopping blogs on Pinterest.)

Pinterest is not just about getting a brand out there. It’s also become a mecca foreducational leaders and teachers to find new creative ways to educate their students. There’s a category devoted just to education. Pinterest also wrote this blog all about the teachers who have boards you can follow and helpful tips on how to use them. It gives ideas for students broken down by classroom age and subject, and there are even home-schooling boards. It’s tutoring, tutors!


Savvy Pinterest users might have some questions about the site. My mom asked me the other day, “Meliss, how the heck is all of this legal?” Well mom, recently the pinning hub recently released its first transparency report. The document provides legal information that was requested by law enforcement and other agencies in between the six-month period between July-December 2013. Pinterest promises to produce this report every six months from now on for all of you risk-adverse users out there. Boy am I glad – handcuffs do not go with my outfit today.

Not only is the site addicting, but also it is extremely useful in so many different areas. There are endless possibilities for almost any hobby or job! The Internet is moving at a rapid speed and if you’re not with it, get to it. My mother, who will remain ageless, is even in on the new fad, so what’s your excuse?

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