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With Election Day behind us, there is one date on everyone’s mind now — 2016. All political parties are agreeing on one platform — and that’s Twitter. Everyone ranging from mayors to senators to the FLOTUS is chirping away about their concerns and addressing issues being brought to their attention.

One lady in particular that I’d like to see step up her game is Hillary Clinton. Following only nine people, Monica Lewinsky not included, Hilary seems to need a lesson in Twitter etiquette.

I get it — she may be aiming to be the leader of the free world, but that doesn’t mean she can’t listen to what the free world is saying. She’s a little too self-interested — following hubby President Bill Clinton (and possible FGOTUS — First Gentleman of the United States), daughter Chelsea, and causes associated with the Clinton foundation.

But Hill — what about your fellow politicians or news sources?   Hillary is missing the opportunity for initiating engagement by not allowing herself to see what her peers and community are talking about.

Engagement: Hillary has the right idea. She was quick to respond to Katy Perry and Anna Wintour. I’d like to see her have discussions with other thought leaders by responding to their tweets. It would be a great way to stir debate and learn more about her platform or make a plug for her book.



Another concern is frequency. I’m all about quality over quantity, but Hillary can go a week without tweeting. There are hot-button issues she can and should address daily — issues such as: Does she still use the Blackberry pictured in her cover photo, or has she embraced the iPhone, or has she gone further south with a Droid?

Something she does have working for her is her balance between personal and professional. She manages to still show her motherly side while not losing her voice or authority as a political powerhouse.

Another impressive aspect of her social presence: Hillary’s tweets are popular. Her retweets and favorites are comparable to President Obama — that’s a big deal for someone who only has 108 tweets.


Furthermore, she understands the power of Twitter. In July 2014, she hosted a tweet chat #AskHillary. Some highlights from this would be Hillary interacting with Kerry Washington, Amy Poehler, and Julie Foudy.

And of course her thoughts on the government leaders being on social:

“It is really important for not just individuals, obviously, but organizations and even nations to have a social media presence. However, if it is used primarily to score points, to engage in the kind of back and forth that is marked by insults and really propaganda, sometimes even disinformation, it’s not fulfilling its highest and best use to try and connect people and overcome differences and try and resolve problems,”

Why do I not see Hillary as a lost-cause Tweep? That bio — it’s filled with sass and fire.


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