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May 5, 2009

ChatterBlast is excited to welcome two new intriguing professional service clients to our family! Puff Wealth Management and Excel Physical Therapy & Fitness have much to gain from social media engagement, but the approach will vary greatly from many of our previous clients.

The standard tactics to reach users on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Ning and MySpace are not necessarily the same when trying to reach professional service consumers. The context in which a professional brand is presented carries a message about who they are and what they do. Social media marketing is not about hawking your services…at least not blatantly. It is about demonstrating how a professional service can be an asset to the general public and other businesses.

When using social media for client development, it is important to make a distinction between collecting and connecting. Instead of randomly adding more and more names to your list focus on actually developing meaningful relationships online and offline.

Registered Financial Advisors like Puff Wealth Management have even greater considerations when marketing themselves online. The SECFINRA and the parent brokerage firm all regulate content and communications with clients and prospects.  It is important to research marketing compliance issues, and stick to them!  We don’t think of them as restrictions but more as guides to protect the professional service organization and its clients.

Excel’s focus on physical therapy and fitness services present an exciting challenge when it comes to engagement online. Their target communities range from hospitals and primary care physicians to tri-athletes and personal trainers. Leveraging social media networks in creative ways means that Excel will be able to share valuable content and engage with diverse communities through a coordinated and multi-faceted social media marketing strategy.

Professional services firms are also great candiates for social media monitoring services to listen to what the social media world is saying about a brand and/or industry. This informative business intelligence combined with a strong engagement and communications strategy covers the bases for marketing your firm online and protecting your greatest asset: your reputation.

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Matthew Ray

Creative Director and Co-Founder of ChatterBlast, Matthew Ray is a fan of comic books, ice cream and sitcoms from the late 1980s.

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