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June 12, 2014

Snapchat may have lied about their privacy policies, but it’s a different breed of Liars that are about to make waves on the point-and-publish leader.

<p=>The battle for the second screen during TV viewing, whether it’s a tablet phone or laptop, second screen battle is a recent phenomenon, and hotly contested. Facebook is looking to steal some thunder from Twitter, long the leader in real-time web engagement with real-time updates on everything from the World Cup and popular music to D-Day. Not to be outdone, Snapchat has entered the mix in the form of a partnership with the massively popular ABC Family show Pretty Little Liars.

TV shows with a younger audience have gravitated to Snapchat. HBO’s Girls and The CW’s The Vampire Diaries were early adopters, connecting with their fans between episodes with creative content generated by the show and its fans. The PLL partnership marks the first online casino instance of real-time TV marketing on Snapchat, and it appears that they’ve nailed it.

Snapchat and PLL plans to send exclusive content to fans in real-time that connects directly with the show as it airs. Sponsored by Audi (in a play to make the brand more youth-oriented), these in the moment snaps align with the shows youthful audience and the way their users consume content. Instead of entering a crowded stream (Twitter) or committing to developing richer content (Facebook,) Snapchat allows PLL to connect directly with their fans in a one-on-one conversation.

As Snapchat evolves, these types of real-time campaigns should evolve into a must-have tool in the marketing arsenal. With most users deferring to their phone, tablet or laptop during commercials and downtime in shows, Snapchat presents the strongest current opportunity to capture the attention (and loyalty) of an audience with an ever-decreasing attention span.

Faster than Facebook and with more depth of content than Twitter, Snapchat has hit the sweet spot with real-time branded content. Next step? Inception-style product placement. An ad within a Snap within an ad. Unreal!

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