Our commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion and anti-racism

ChatterBlast must employ a highly diverse staff of voices, experiences and perspectives. We want our team to be able to achieve the same level of success regardless of where they came from. We know this is a long-term journey to address systemic societal issues, and that there is no end point to this work.

Our current efforts

We are still learning and listening. We are addressing racial and ethnic diversity of our team, building an organizational culture that is inclusive and unbiased, re-thinking our recruitment and retention efforts and committing resources to marginalized communities.

Further we are investing in our partnerships service/product sourcing, charitable giving and pro-bono commitment. Our internships and our forthcoming fellowship program will also be hyper-focused on marginalized communities and empowering the next generation of diverse creatives.

How this impacts our clients

We create content and campaigns designed to reach everyone. We take responsibility in ensuring that everyone is heard, and that our creative work reflects a diverse range of voices and perspectives, regardless of your product or service offering. Expect to be pushed in this area when you work with us.

Looking forward

This is a long-term play, and we want to be held accountable. We are taking some steps very quickly, and others after much research and collaboration. Our new programs are taking shape and constantly evolving. Our diverse creative work is beginning to embed itself info our internal culture and the minds of our clients. There is no end to this work, just constant checking and testing. Want to learn more or have an idea to share? Contact us.