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January 9, 2014

Flashback, five years ago: We were approached by Tabu Lounge & Sports Bar to set up their social media and also get people squawking a few months before opening. We knew even back then that video content was going to be a big deal on the web. So being young and silly, we decided to make a bunch of YouTube shorts to promote a restaurant/bar that didn’t even have a menu set yet. And it had to be done on a shoestring budget… a VERYshoestring budget.

So we begged, borrowed and borrowed again to make these videos happen. We drafted friends to help with lighting and editing. Our best friend offered his home for two long weekend shoots. But we knew we needed real talent – not any of our friends hamming it up. We advertised and auditioned for two lead actors to anchor our series.

One of the actors, Evan Jonigkeit, already had a knock-your-socks-off resume. When he showed up at the audition (in the back room of another sports bar), we honestly couldn’t believe someone of his talent was here for THIS. But, Evan was personable, funny, sweet, polite – and most best online casino of all – off-the-charts amazing on camera. He polished up the weak script I wrote, and really dazzled us. Two weeks later, he was in front of the camera. Here’s one of our favorite snippets, with Evan on the left.

After our series, Evan continued to work steadily in Philly. Thankfully, our little foray into video didn’t kill his career. Eventually, he headed up to NYC and started to audition for big boy stuff. Imagine my delight and surprise to read about him on my favorite comic book blog.

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He’s gonna be The Toad! In an X-Men movie! Comic book movies make bank, baby! He might even become an action figure! Cha-ching! Congratulations!

We’re proud to have worked with Evan during our mutual “formative years.” Be kind to young talent. You never know where they may end up. Keep an eye on out for more from Evan in the future!


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Matthew Ray

Creative Director and Co-Founder of ChatterBlast, Matthew Ray is a fan of comic books, ice cream and sitcoms from the late 1980s.

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