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April 18, 2014

We’ve all gotten a little obsessed—with ourselves. Social media has given all of us platforms to publicize our every move, purchase, look and emotion. The world documents itself in tiny tweets, Pinterest images, and moody memes.

Nowhere is this more apparent than on Instagram. Millions of people log in to the hot app everyday and take pictures. Photos of cats sleeping, babies eating, food cooking, and divas dancing. Look at that sunrise! Look at my boyfriend! Doesn’t my dinner look delicious?

In a world of self-consumed life-casters, how do corporations get involved in the narcissism? Many companies (sound off Urban OutfittersKate Spade, and Coca-Cola) compete by demanding equal attention and have dominated this entirely visual social site by pushing out a steady stream of stunning content. If you’re a brand with national recognition and pretty pictures, this is a place for you. Of course I want to follow Nike on Instagram! Show me the way! Make my life amazing

But not every company has incredible imagery, or a monstrous creative department to churn it out. How can the rest of the world ride the Instagram craze into insta-bucks? Well, you have to remember to not only encourage narcissism, but reward it too!

Example: Imagine you’re a dentist; we will call you Dr. Smile. Your friends are on Instagram, you’re on Instagram, and even your Mom is on Instagram. You want to get into the action. You want to show off the sparkling white chompers of your patients. Do you open up an Instragram account, spend hours and hours to get 37 followers (all your friends and family), and then awkwardly ask your patients take a picture of your client’s new pearly whites? Sure. This is exactly what you do, if you want you and your account to be even creepier than James Franco’s Instagram presence. It’s forced. Blasting a message to a community isn’t social; it’s stupid.

The ChatterBlast strategy is a bit more complicated and requires a tad more creativity: Build a campaign —including in-person interaction, social posting, motivating content, rewards, and advertising — that promotes your clients to best online casino use an affiliated hashtag when THEY post imagery they’ve created.

Suppose your patients included your hashtag—#DrSmile, natch!—on all their selfies. What a great branding opportunity!

Why would anyone do that, you ask?

That’s where the rewards come in: Every month you will award one of those bright and shiny tooth pics with free whitening! All those pics floating about the Instasphere with links back to your business are highly shareable. Each customer tacitly endorses you and your services.Isn’t that better than hovering over your patients, begging them to let you post them to YOUR Instagram account? Again, creepy.

The growing trend of narcissism on social media won’t slow down anytime soon. Smart social strategists need to understand this and spend extra time leveraging our self-absorbed ideas. Sure, we love gazing at our sexy selves, but consciously or subconsciously, we have an agenda. Whether we seek validation with likes or free whitening, we want something. Combine the selfie trend with our gimme-gimme attitude, and you’ll have yourself a people-pleasing campaign.



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Matthew Ray

Creative Director and Co-Founder of ChatterBlast, Matthew Ray is a fan of comic books, ice cream and sitcoms from the late 1980s.

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