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May 21, 2014

Memorial Day is right around the corner. Father Time has finally beaten back Mother Nature’s winter doldrums, and we are all barreling into the sunny summer season. For active social media viewers, this means a plethora of imagery on Instagram (and on ‘gram’s big brother, Facebook, too) that might reveal more than the documentarian intended. To avoid any social pitfalls, I’ve listed below the 7 Deadly Sins of Instagram! Ignore these crimes at your own peril, gentle reader. Succumbing to their temptations can mean social suicide, or at least a reputation as “basic.” For those with a strong moral compass, I’ve even included the classic sin to give you some correlation.

Lust/Stalking– Admit it. Whether married, engaged, or single – you’ve felt a twinge of lust when thumbing through your Instagram feed. “Who’s that with her?” “Hello abs!” and the always famous “Someone’s been working out!” I hate to be crass, but these are clear symptoms of a hunger for something off the menu. Yes, ogling is half the fun of social media, just don’t make it a hobby otherwise you drift into stalker status.


Gluttony/Food Porn – Perhaps this hits a bit to close to my waistline. I’d love it if the many#foodporn peddlers might give us a slight reprieve when it comes to the snapshots of their latest tasty treat. I get it! I get it! You’re having a lovely meal. You’re also making me hungry.


Greed/More Than 6 Hashtags – #seriously #overkill #stupid #pointless #mostofthemmadeup #wegetthejoke #keepitsimplestupid

Sloth/Voyeur – You never post anything. A social media wallflower who sits back and observes the world. Dude, that is CREEPY. Nobody is asking you to over-share, but you can’t sit on the sidelines online casino forever. Inaction is just as sinful as over-exposure.

Wrath/Agendas – Instagram isn’t about anger or hatred or really – nor any kind of arguments. Keep your politics and religious dogma where they belong, on Facebook. No debating, no discussion, just pics. Pics of puppies! Give me pics of puppies! I’ll catch up with your latest rant on Twitter.

Envy/Over-Liking – Engaging other users is important, but over-engaging can be annoying. Over-liking -when you scroll down and double tap everything – is a bit craven, and can seem a bit socially envious. As one of my trusted style gurus explained…”Llike only what you actually LIKE.”


Pride/Selfies – It is not all about you. If your personal content on Instagram is only selfies, your pride is pulsing into the ever-unpopular vanity level. You may have the most fabulous life, but lets shake-up the schedule with some pics of places and things that aren’t just your mug. Trust me, going down to one selfie a day won’t mean we forget your sweet face. Try to incorporate pictures of your pals, it makes you look a little less vain

On your upcoming weekend of adventure and excitement, remember these Seven Deadly Sins can pop their ugly head at any time. Think before you share. After all, the world is watching.

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Creative Director and Co-Founder of ChatterBlast, Matthew Ray is a fan of comic books, ice cream and sitcoms from the late 1980s.

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