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May 7, 2013

So, you’ve got a fancy Facebook cover photo and a profile picture that epitomize your brand. Your “About Us” section is perfectly formatted, timeline photos are exact dimension, all of your links are shortened and your content is on point. Think your page can’t look any better? Think again, because Shortstack is ready to take your Facebook page to the next level.

Shortstack is the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition of Facebook. This easy-to-use tool allows moderators to upgrade their tabs with all sorts of goodies, extras and add-ons with maximum engagement in mind. While it’s not the same as a solar-powered house or a brand new, massive kitchen,, Shortstack still offers a lot of options and makes the execution of campaigns much easier.

If you’ve ever filled out a form on Facebook, entered a contest or read a Twitter feed without leaving a page, then chances are you’ve witnessed Shortstack’s awesome skill

set first-hand. The program is capable of hosting tabs on endless Facebook pages with any number of fans.

Whether you’re launching a sweepstakes, promotion, deal or iFraming in your blog –Shortstack has it covered.

The skinny on Shortstack:
Birthdate: 2010
Pricing: Get started for FREE. You can utilize the basic features of Shortstack without paying a dime.
Mobile app: Yes
Helpful tools: Voting, friend referrals, shareability and entry storage
Widgets, integrations and add-ons: MailChimp, YouTube, Vimeo, Foursquare, Twitter, RSS, SoundCloud, Google Analytics, Google Maps, HTML, CSS, Javascript and more

Why would I use it?

Chances are, Shortstack has something that your brand, page and fan base is craving!

If you’re looking to build likes and engagement, making offers is a go-to tactic. Promotions, giveaways and sweepstakes all require an entry form, contest management and a winner selection system. If you’re looking for more sales, you should offer a coupon. You may want to grab information from people interested in becoming interns or volunteers. You could be in the mood for a new logo, and want to put it to a vote. And maybe, you’ve got a basket of cute cats you want to share with ONLY your fans.

Shortstack is a jack-of-all-trades, making any of these things a reality in a matter of minutes.

So what makes Shortstack so great?

While the Facebook Offers feature requires a budget for advertising and Offerpop comes with a hefty fee, Shortstack puts you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to do what you want to do without any charge. You can choose whether or not to pay to promote your tab AND change it up as often as you please.

Does the thought of writing HTML send you screaming? No worries, because Shortstack plays well with page managers of any level. Choose from a boatload of templates or create your own unique layout using code. Each step of the tab creation process is explained as you go along, making it easy as pie! If you have questions, just check out their blog, FAQs or put in a ticket for help. Unlike the world of Facebook where pleas for help and misunderstandings go unanswered, Shortstack has real people there to guide you through each and every step.

Think you want to kick it up a notch? Go ahead with your savvy self! Test the waters of CSS and HTML and elevate your tabs with any custom options allowed by Facebook. Shortstack allows designers to customize the overall CSS for a tab as well as individual widgets within that tab. It also offers deep integration within the Facebook system, allowing page administrators to customize options like the text and images when a user shares that tab on their own timeline.

So managers – roll up your sleeves and don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty! Let your brand shine and show your page a little extra love. Remember – you’ve got 16 tabs to work with. Shortstack helps you make the most of them.

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