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February 10, 2014


Before you read this blog, I just want to let you know that it’s going to be OK.

There were some new features added to the Twitter app on your precious iPhone and it’s going to change how you interact. But just remember – you’re going to be OK.

On February 3rd, Twitter started to roll out changes to their iPhone app. The new update makes it easier to reply, retweet, and favorite tweets on your timeline. It also allows simplifies how you follow new users. Now instead of clicking on a tweet to a different page in order to interact, Twitter added icons at the bottom of tweets for easier on-screen interaction.

Here, we break down the changes and what they mean for you…



You’re going to be fine.

The change is simple and pretty useful, right? WRONG.

It’s change and people HATE change – just ask an Account Manger after every Facebook Insight update or these people who likely still call it “smoking dope”. It means people have to learn something new, interact differently and overall, change their typical Twitter routine. And best online casino you DO NOT mess with someone’s Twitter routine.




Okay, well that’s a bit much.

The update also now lists the number of replies, retweets and favorites each tweet has conveniently next to each icon. From a brand perspective, this makes it easier to track popular conversation, join in on trending topics and really just see what’s going on. The update also makes the native Twitter app more appealing than downloading one from a third party app like Tweetbot or Tweetcaster.



But again, people don’t like that sort of easily accessible information and interaction. It creates confusion, accidental favorite and frankly, it hurt their feelings….in the most literal sense. After all, Twitter is one giant beauty pageant in 140 characters or less.




Just because you think it’s funny doesn’t mean…oh nevermind.

With any change that comes on social, there will be people who find any and all reasons to complain about it and want the older version back. But listen people, it’s not coming back. It’s gone. Forever.

So what do you do? You adapt, learn to like it and eventually forget about the old version all together. Take our word for it – this is a good change. An easier and quicker way to reply, retweet, favorite and follow new users. You’ll love it – just like this lone soul.


Ahh, that’s refreshing.

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