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April 24, 2014


Channel your inner Olivia Newton-John and sing it with me! Lets get visual, visual. I want to get visual. Lets get into visuals! Twitter is evolving from the 140 character machine into a public traded company redefining their brand with an updated mobile app and desktop site by puts emphasis on visuals. To help you evolve with Twitter, we’re filling you in on what the desktop update means, how you can adapt your links to be more visual and informative and also keeping you in the know with rumors around the 15 new ads Twitter is about to drop.

Twitter? More like Tweetbook.

Since we last visited Twitter on the ChatterBlast blog, the complaining and drama about the new mobile update passed and everyone is finally familiar with the changes made to everyone’s beloved app. And in typical social media fashion MORE updates were made, but this time to Twitter’s desktop site – where only 24% of users access their account.

In effort to draw more users to use the desktop site and off their phone or tablet, Twitter’s new desktop update bears a striking resemblance to Facebook. The additional of a new header that spans the length of the page and tabs at the top where users can toggle between viewing tweets, only photos/videos, followers, following and favorites without leaving the user’s home page makes the site more desktop friendly and visual focused … but please spare us of more selfies.

The new update was only rolled out to hand-selected brands/celebrities (yo Twitter, Matt’s still waiting for his page update!) and users who created an account on or after April 8,,2014. One of the lucky hand-selected celebrities to receive the update was Zac Efron … obviously:


PINNING: It’s not just for Pinterest anymore!

Twitter is also adding a new option to keep important messages front and center: Pinning tweets to the top of your timeline. From a marketing and social standpoint, the addition of pinned tweets allows for clients to call out campaign promotions, important messages and alerts or top tweets. Twitter’s new desktop update also includes an emphasis on engagement making influencer outreach and interactions even more important by making tweets that have more favorites, retweets and replies to appear larger on a users timeline helping draw even more attention and interaction.

The Greeting Card That Keeps On Giving

With the new “let’s get visual” update to Twitter it’s even more important to diversify the content your pushing out to the Twitterverse. That’s where Twitter cards come in handy. Creating a card on Twitter will better display links with an image and 200-character description. That’s 340 characters available for you to grab users with a creative tagline and brief description to draw them in for the click. This is the real deal, people!


Not only are cards a great addition to your content stream, they’re even better for your blog or website. Once you create a card, the HTML meta code created by Twitter is placed on to the blog post or webpage, so anyone who shares that link is sharing your card – like a re-gifted birthday card that generates clicks and happiness. Why happiness? Because not only do you get more visual, but the kind people at also offer a way to track your cards with a full analytics dashboard for FREE.

15 NEW Twitter Ads!

Man, those guys over at Twitter are pretty swell. Next thing you know they’ll be pushing out 15 new types of ads, including one that allows you to call a customer service line ordownload an app all from one Twitter ad. Oh what’s that? That’s real? OF COURSE it is!


Although there hasn’t been an official announcement around the 15 ads (besides the app download ad), there’s a lot of talk on the interwebs about what they’ll be and how they’ll affect your timeline. It’s hard to believe that the addition of 15 new ads will provoke Twitter to increase its ad display frequency, but still a possibility. There’s also news around an ad that Twitter has been working on for awhile that incorporates calling a customer service line directly from a tweet, which is making our mouths here are Chatterblast salivate. Being able to target customers for clients with a “click to call” ad nips issues and complaints in the bud by directing users to the customer service lines where their questions can be answered, bills can be paid or venting can be heard. Ultimately building the reputation of customer service, happy customers and even happier clients. And where did it all start? On Twitter with 140 characters or less.

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