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The popular six-second video app just came out with a brand new update. Hello Vine 2.0! You can now send personal Vines to friends, customize your Vine profile with fabulous colors, and discover unique Vines you actually want to watch.

Personal video messaging? Been there, done that!

All right, Vine may be a little late to the game The new Vine Messages gives users the ability to send personal videos and texts to friends. I know you’re thinking, “I can already do that with Instagram and Snapchat!” Yes, you’re right, but Vine Messages sets itself apart from other apps by allowing you to send a Vine video to anyone in your contact list.


So I won’t become a Vine-lebrity if I use Vine Messages?

Correct! Vine Messages is just between you and one other person, so you’ll have the option to communicate back-and-forth through videos and texts. But fear not. If you’re watching an amazing Vine Messages video, it doesn’t disappear (as we’ve seen in another app), it will be there for you to watch over and over again.


So, how can I stand out if I’m using Vine Messages?

With Vine 2.0 you can now customize your profile by adding COLOR! Make your profile stand out by selecting from nine different options. Choose a variety of colors, such as red, blue, orange, green, purple, and so on.

What else can the new Vine do?

With the new explore option, users can find new and exciting Vines of all types!  Select the “Animals” option and be prepared to watch Vines of every different type of creature on earth. This discovery engine allows you to find more and more ways to please your occular needs.

Disclaimer: The best online casino side effects after watching these Vines may include your heart feeling warm and fuzzy, a sudden burst of glee, saying the words “aww” or “oh my god that is so cute!” In rare cases, you may experience a small tear of happiness.

Um, I’m actually not an animal lover.

Oh, that”s awkward. Nevertheless, there are plenty of categories to chose from: Art, Comedy, Food, Style, and MORE! It’s probably not best to explore all these categories during the work hours, those six seconds start to add up quickly.


How do I know what everyone is watching?

Vine added in a “Popular Now” and “One the Rise” option. Here, users see which Vines are gaining the most likes, comments and re-vines. A great way to keep up with the what’s what in the Vine-osphere.

It should also be noted that since Vine is an offspring of Twitter – there is a “Trending Tags” at the bottom. These tags (aka hashtags) allow users to see what popular. Currently, you can see it’s #ForeverGenesis, #300Villains and #letitgo, just to name a few.


Now that you know all the ins and outs of the new Vine 2.0, it’s time to add that pop of color to your profile and watch endless six-second videos of dancing cats! More importantly, get to the Vine Message, because who honestly texts anymore? Do you have a favorite Vine that you’re currently watching over and over again? Tweet it to me: @craigjay_


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