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March 17, 2014

Let’s have a little talk about YouTube. Don’t worry; I’m not going to be discussing the constant advertisements or its changes in privacy policy, I’ll be talking about something much more exciting: YouTube stardom. If you’ve been on the Internet any time in the past five years, you probably know that people are getting famous from putting videos to YouTube. No, they don’t have a strategic PR team behind them; they are doing this alone, from the comfort of their own beds. For a select few, being YouTube famous is more than having a small following; it means cash, television appearances, and fame. Let’s take a look at a few of these YouTube celebrities, and see what led them to massive endorsement deals and global recognition.

Sam Tsui

If you haven’t heard of Sam Tsui, then I pity you. He is on the top of my YouTube super star list because he is TALENTED, and I’m not the only one who thinks so. He started on his YouTube road to fame by uploading medleys of famous artists like Britney Spears but it was obvious there was much more to him than mixes of old songs. His YouTube success launched his career into stardom, and he’s made appearances on Ellen Degeneres and Oprah. But it didn’t stop there, he showed up in a Coca Cola advertisement with his creative partner Kurt Hugo Schneider.

Hannah Hart

I know that some of you have hit the bottle too hard while hosting a dinner party or have slipped in the kitchen while making a snack, but it’s not as funny as when Hannah Hart does it. Hannah Hart, the host of the super hilarious My Drunk Kitchen reached celebrity status by uploading videos of her drinking a little too much alcohol while she “cooked” (don’t worry, she’s always supervised). Hannah is raw, and her videos combine two things that everyone loves: booze and food. Her quick wit and sassy sense of humor earned her followers in no time, and her success skyrocketed when she made appearances in other YouTube stars videos (like the ever popular Jenna Marbles). But Hannah’s success didn’t only come from uploading funny videos, she got personal with her viewers solidifying her status as an LGBT icon by coming out as gay. By sharing her personality and talents in one media, Hannah found her way into the hearts of many.

Michelle Phan

Chances are “you didn’t wake up like dis,” but instead you watched a makeup tutorial videoThousands of people upload makeup tutorials on YouTube, but I know of only onewhose YouTube success helped her launch her own makeup line. I’m talking about Michelle Phan. What makes Michelle Phan stand out amongst the rest? What makes her tutorials so impressive? She doesn’t JUST stick to the everyday looks; she conquers inspiring characters like Barbie and Snow White. Although these tutorials are great, no matter what video, I end up looking like this:

Anyway, I digress. My limited makeup abilities aren’t Michelle Phan’s fault. With more than five million subscribers on her YouTube channel, there’s no denying that this woman has made it big. In 2012, Google offered her a cool $1 million to create 20 hours of content. Nothing can stop this creative genius, and there’s no wonder why she joins the ranks of the YouTube elites.

So there you have it, a quick little roundup of some YouTube celebs that have gone from zero to hero. There is a little magic that helps these YouTube gurus skyrocket to success, but let’s get real, these people wouldn’t be where they are today without some good, old-fashion talent. Michelle Phan, Sam Tsui, and Hannah Hart are successful because they were persistent; they had a dream and they followed it. Success like this doesn’t come easy, but if you can stand out of the crowd and if you offer viewers something new, fresh, or fun, you too might have what it takes to become YouTube famous. If you know a YouTube celebrity that should join the coveted ranks of these few, send me a link on Twitter@jenfherm!

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