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March 5, 2013

Sick of new ‘must-try’ apps yet? Didn’t think so!

Meet Vine. Your next creative outlet isn’t filter-laden and feature rich, but rather a very simple video app that gives you six seconds to make and share whatever type of motion imagery you want. And yeah, they had a little bit of a porn problem in the early going. We were all teenagers once, let’s move on.

Vine pushed back on many recent developments with its back-to-basics setup. There’s no editing. There are no filters. You can’t upload previously filmed and edited content. Whatever the ephemera you choose to fill your six seconds, you are still limited to what you can film directly within the app.

Here’s how it works. Fire up the app and open the filming window. Start filming by touching the screen; remove your finger and the filming stops. You can do quick taps to create a stop motion video, or film six consecutive seconds. The progress bar at the top indicates how much time you have used. Simple.

When the 6 seconds are used up, you review your footage and move to the posting screen (you also have the option to move on after 2 seconds of filming.) Next, you write a caption, insert hashtags, tag your Vine at a location and share to Vine, Twitter and Facebook. Currently you cannot tag other users, but inserting a Twitter handle will tag that person on Twitter should you share to that network.

If it all sounds too confusing, don’t worry. Vine is the type of network where it is just as fun to observe as it is to create. The Explore tab is a great starting point to find great accounts to follow, and the ‘Editor’s Picks’ show up in your feed.

Vine’s potential lies in the easy, Instagram-like access from mobile devices combined with the appeal of motion and sound. They’re easy to create, easy to consume, and incredibly captivating when done well. The possibilities for brands to showcase so much more than a pretty picture is enticing. Big brands like General Electric and Gap are already taking advantage of the network, and smaller companies like First Capital Pictures are using it to put their own creativity on display.

To see some amazing Vine accounts, check out The Joy of Six. To see what Brands are utilizing the creative space, check out Brands on Vine.

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