3 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss Visit Philly’s Social Media Summit

May 16, 2017

Hey. Do you have plans on Friday, June 9?

You should probably reschedule.

Visit Philadelphia, our lovely city’s premier tourism and hospitality arm, is hosting its annual Social Media Summit, where Philly’s best and brightest in the ever-expanding world of social media come together for a meeting of the minds. If you work in communications and are looking to keep your finger on the pulse of  rapidly changing best practices, industry trends and hot insider tips and tricks, you’re probably not going to want to miss it.

(Pssst. We’re also a sponsor this year. Just saying.)

As we know, we all love a good list, so if you need some more convincing, here are three major reasons why this year’s Social Media Summit is a can’t-miss…well, summit.

All your favorite industry whiz kids will be there

This year’s lineup is absolutely stacked with talented presenters, social media trailblazers and special guests who will be sharing key insights and case studies on hot social media topics of note. Among them include:

This is how you stay on top of your social media game


The itinerary of a Visit Philly Social Media Summit long since past. 

As you can see, the programming lineup for this year’s Social Media Summit is absolutely ????????????. It’s one thing to exercise social media best practices and follow trending movements within the industry as a whole, but in a field whose nature is defined as temporal, you’re going to want to hear the digital trials, errors, successes and learnings firsthand from your peers.

This is your opportunity to not only gather insight and inspiration to apply to your own social media strategy, but to build and strengthen relationships with your peers as well. (Yes, there will be a reception. Yes, that does mean there will be drinks.)

Plus, we’ll be hosted by the brand-new Museum of the American Revolution. It’s beautiful.

Prizes? We got ’em 

In case the day won’t be packed with knowledge as it is, by registering for the Social Media Summit you’ll be entered to win a social media audit and 90-minute consultation with your friendly neighborhood Blasters. (This is part of what we in the biz call a “sponsorship package” and it’s very cool.)

But that’s not all. You’ll also be entered to win a pair of Snap Spectacles. Because every digital professional these days should be equipped with a pair, right?

So we’ll see you at Visit Philly’s Social Media Summit, right? Right. You can register here.