An Ode to Moms on the Internet

Kaley Maltz
May 8, 2019

As Mother’s Day approaches, now is as good a time as ever to really show our appreciation to the mother-figures in our lives. They’ve fed us, they’ve clothed us, they’ve asked us what a “me-me” is. That’s right, Moms are more hip to internet trends than you’d think—just a few years behind the mainstream. Believe me, in a few years we’ll see Moms jumping on the Gritty bandwagon.

If you’re lucky, your mom has yet to infiltrate Twitter or Instagram. But Facebook has long been flooded by parents and family friends alike. It’s safe to say that when you post something on Facebook, you can expect moms to swoop in for a cringe-worthy comment; and if you’re just browsing, there are sure to be a few statuses that really make you wonder: should you need a license to operate a Facebook account?

Hey, I’m not throwing shade at Moms on social media — in fact, seeing my mom’s posts on Facebook makes my day. I mean, come on:

This isn’t a blog about dragging moms for not knowing how to use social media—nay, it’s an ode to moms on social media. Without them, we’d all keep taking ourselves and our posts too seriously. So here’s a quick shout out to the Moms on Facebook who make us laugh, just maybe not on purpose.

The Mom Who Doesn’t Know How to Share Things

Here we have what I like to call a “double whammy.” Not only could this mom not tag the people she was trying to communicate with, but she also wasn’t sure how to share the post she was talking about. Essentially, this is a mom screaming into the Facebook void. Sad, but pure.

Instead of giving up on sharing this post because she’s unable to find it via YouTube, she’s reaching out to the Facebook community to ask for help. This post seems to mean a lot to her, otherwise she would have cut her loses and moved onto commenting semi-embarrassing remarks on her children’s latest status updates. And for that, I deem her a Facebook hero.

Here’s hoping that the one lone comment lead her to the content she was looking for—or at least to

The Mom Who Talks to Themselves in the Comments

There seems to be more to the story here. Regardless, what’s important is that this is the classic “comment on your own post” move. Bonus points for splitting up on sentence into two comments.

She wouldn’t let Facebook erase 40+ years of marriage. You go Mom!

Moms Who Love Memes

And of course, who could forget the mom who loves to share memes. Like, a lot. All the time.

Does anyone have the heart to tell them that memes have evolved beyond text posts? You know what—on second thought, let’s let them have this. May mom-memes live on!

This Mother’s Day, be sure to show the moms in your life a little extra love on Facebook (and in real life, too). Even if they don’t reply for three months, or don’t know what your emojis mean, it’s the thought that counts.