ArborBlast: Kyle & Marc’s Guide to Arbor Day

April 28, 2017

Welcome back, ChatterHeads!

It’s no secret that Arbor Day, the holiday we know to be true as one where we are celebrating woods, trees, and arbor of all histories and backgrounds, is huge here at ChatterBlast Media, LLC. And what better way to celebrate what is perhaps our favorite holiday than with our favorite type of content: Another Marc and Kyle SuperBlog.

This is what it’s all about, after all. 

Kyle is tall and looks like a tree. Marc, meanwhile, is not as tall. Without further adieu, let’s blog.

Part 1: Best Trees

OK, let’s see what we’ve got.

1. ********Oak**********

2. Elm

3. Christmas

4. Joshua (U2)

5. Of Life

6. Palm

7. Giving

8. Ticket Oak (StubHub)

9. Maple

10. Pawpaw

Just my opinion,!!!!!

We put googly eyes on our office plants and you won’t believe what happened next. 

Isn’t that something?

Best Arbor Accounts Online

Marc: Beautiful.

Kyle: The tree is good.

Brands Celebrating Arbor Day on the Internet

From a content marketing perspective, this is extremely well done.

Office Survey

We recently sent a poll around to our friends and family members in the office, prompting them to share what they feel Arbor Day is really all about. Roll tape.

Question #1: Tell us about trees.

Matt: Ah, tree.

Evan: What is trees?

Justin: It’s where babies come from!

Shivani: Common thought would lead one to believe that trees are tall while, in reality, they are actually not.


Valerie: Trees all belong in jail if you ask me!!! #LockTreesUp

Chris: The Day of Judgment, prophesied for last weekend, has apparently been postponed, but moviegoers eager for rapture can find consolation — to say nothing of awe, amazement and grist for endless argument — in “The Tree of Life,” Terrence Malick’s new film, which contemplates human existence from the standpoint of eternity. Recently showered with temporal glory at the Cannes Film Festival, where it won the Palme d’Or, this movie, Mr. Malick’s fifth feature in 38 years, folds eons of cosmic and terrestrial history into less than two and a half hours. Its most provocative sequences envision the origin of the universe, the development of life on earth (including a few soulful dinosaurs) and then, more concisely and less literally, the end of time, when the dead of all the ages shall rise and walk around on a heavenly beach. — A.O. Scott, The New York Times

Johanna: I saw a tree once.

Gianna: Albert Einstein first rose to fame after his invention of the tree.

Jessie: I live in a tree.

Jackie: Oak, elm, juniper, and there are many more.

Anais: Leaves are the fingernails of trees.

Louise: There is actually only one type of tree. Tree.

We tweeted about trees.

Tree Rant (found on the Web)

Very poorly made product. The top piece brok when I was putting it together to decorate. Also, this was NOT A FULL FAT TREE 🙁 very disappointed. felt shorter than 6ft too. learned my lesson. i can’t buy christmas trees online.. i need to see them in person.

The holiday has been ruined. Can someone help me return something to amazon shopping website?

Thank you.

Customer Images:

Special Feature: What About Bark?

Skin,   for trees

It’s tree’s skin

What’s up with this tree’s skin? It’s bark.

Office plants we can’t stand

Why aren’t you outside!!!

Arbor Do’s and Arbor Don’t’s

Do: Whisper a prayer to the Tree God.

It me, Tree God. 

Don’t: Thank a lumberjack.

Do: Take it all in! Relax and enjoy it all.

Don’t: Look at paper.

Do: Dig a hole in the ground. Stand in the hole. Pretend to be a tree. Gain a greater appreciation for the tree experience.

Don’t: Kiss a woodpecker on the lips, dingbat.

! Nature Appreciation Time!

We went to Dilworth Park and watched some grass growing in its natural habitat. Check it out1

Then we went INSIDE(!) City Hall to watch this plump little sucker in full bloom.

No words. Truly an inspiring sight to see.


We knew this blog wouldn’t be complete until we took it upon ourselves to do some good in this world for once and plant one of these dangerous Reptilian bastards ourselves. We got in touch with our close friends at Parks and Recreation to get the ball rolling.

A few short weeks later, here we are!

Photo by Valerie Hoke. 

Just a little Arbor Day inspiration. We hope you had a lot of fun reading this and we’ll talk to you soon!