Hit The Books With ChatterBlast University

July 19, 2016

Yes, “back-to-school season” doesn’t officially start for another month or so, but we’re too excited to break the news.

Deep breath. Here we go.

We’re excited to introduce you to ChatterBlast University, ChatterBlast’s new learning platform. The way we see it, digital storytelling is a field where new rules are always being written. It can be a major professional challenge just to keep up. Standard marketing courses can cover the fundamentals of working in the digital space, but ChatterBlast University is offering something a little different.

Who is CBMU For?

We’re creating a platform that addresses the educational needs of those who work with social media in the professional space. This can include:

If social media is a necessary component in your daily marketing efforts, then CBMU is for you.


“Social marketing requires well-developed objectives and a strategy to guide the process,” ChatterBlast Senior Digital Strategist/CBMU instructor Jackie Kollar says. “Today, this is no different than print, radio and television’s end goal: reaching the masses with your message.”

CBMU will empower students with the same skill sets that professional digital agencies use every day. From software training to content composition to SEO best practices, CBMU students will have the opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade directly from industry leaders.

An Academic Program Led By Academics

We’re offering an academic model organized and deployed by industry experts. Because members of our team, including our own Kollar and Matt Ray, also teach digital marketing courses at esteemed institutions like Temple University and The University of the Arts, we’re ensuring that our courses adhere to the standards and expectations of higher education.

Customized Workshops

The CBMU workshops we’re developing come in all shapes and sizes. We’re able to adjust the scale and design of any program to meet our students’ individualized needs. Whether we’re holding a college-style class, corporate-style seminars for a large marketing or customer service team, or individualized training, we can quickly adapt to meet our students’ marketing goals.

“Our courses are individually designed to meet the client’s needs, not cookie-cutter. We don’t do cookie-cutter at ChatterBlast,” says Ray.  “If you have 10 employees who you want to train in customer service, we can build a class that meets their business needs. Or maybe you want your public relations team to have a deeper understanding of social advertising. We can help there too.”

What Else Can We Expect From CBMU?

“Expect expert-level advice, analysis on current and future digital trends, practical tools, agency knowledge and, most definitely, lots of snacks,” Kollar says.

On Thursday, August. 4, we’ll be hosting our inaugural course, Instagram and Beyond: Visuals in Digital Storytelling, at the Sonesta in Philadelphia. Included is a panel discussion featuring photographer Neal Santos, Cashman & AssociatesMichelle Conron, Instagram influencer Ian Michael Crumm and more, followed by hands-on exercises and a critique session. If you’re interested in attending, register here.

What if you’re interested in learning more about CBMU?

In that case, drop us a line. We’re able and ready to crack open the books with you. Above all, ChatterBlast University is one more way to further engage in our community and industry.

Class is now in session, baby.