CBMU Invites You to…Social Media for Social Good

December 20, 2016

Let’s say you work for a nonprofit organization in a major metropolitan city.

(Could be Philadelphia. Could be somewhere else. For now, let’s say it’s Philly.)

Perhaps more so than a for a private or for-profit business, your nonprofit must be on top of its messaging. Your comms team’s job is of utmost importance for an organization that centers its mission around enacting social change of all scales and doing good work for your community.

So here’s a question: How’s your social media doing?

Enter CBMU: Social Media for Social Good

ChatterBlast University is proud to present Social Media for Social Good, our newest social media workshop and training session, on Thursday, February 23 at Saxbys Coffee Headquarters.

In partnership with Sage Communications, this course is designed to help nonprofit and social impact professionals create and implement a social media strategy that will expand your organization’s reach, diversify its messaging and ultimately help do more good

“Social media, one tool in an overall communications strategy, is creative space for those in the social change sector to tell their stories and engage with supporters and customers,” says Barbara Beck, co-founding partner of Sage Communications.

“It can strengthen an organization’s communications efforts by making them more immediate. It can open channels to new audiences and help connect with new consumers or clients they don’t necessarily reach through other channels,” says Beck. 

With their extensive background in working with nonprofit organizations, Beck and Sage bring a breadth of experience and first-hand expertise to CBMU. We couldn’t think of a better agency to partner with for this course.

Who is this workshop for?

That’s a great question. CBMU and Sage have approached this workshop from an inside-out perspective, meaning this workshop is for anyone from the nonprofit sector to the individual social entrepreneur, university, or public agency background.

In other words: Do you do good for your community? Then Social Media for Social Good is for you.

To sign up for Social Media for Social Good, register here.