CBMU Presents: Fundamentals in Social Media Advertising

August 2, 2017

Batman and Robin.

Peanut Butter and jelly. 

Social media and advertising. 

All three of these iconic duos work seamlessly together, but it’s that last pair that may cause some head scratching.

How many ads and sponsored posts do you see across popular social media platforms on a given day? How many do you see just on Facebook alone? The answer is likely “a lot”.

As digital marketing continues to become more and more advanced, social media advertising has become an art form all of its own. We’re beginning to see advertisements, sponsored posts and otherwise paid content take on lives of their own, breaking new creative boundaries along the way.

Enter CBMU: Fundamentals in Social Media Advertising


Scenes from our previous CBMU course, Social Media for Social Good

ChatterBlast University is proud to present Fundamentals in Social Media Advertising, our newest social media workshop and training session, on Thursday, September 28, hosted by Tactix. 

Fundamentals in Social Media Advertising is designed to demystify the social media ads world and empower attendees with the skills and tools they need to take full advantage of social ad platforms to best deliver their message to maximize both efficiency and creativity. We guarantee that attendees will leave this course with a greater understanding of the proper methodology and components of successful and powerful social media advertising.

This CBMU course has everything…

It’s a concept image, but you get the idea!

Who is this workshop for?

Great question. Fundamentals in Social Media Advertising is for anyone who needs to utilize social and digital media advertisement tools. That includes small business owners, marketing managers, entrepreneurs and more.

In other words: If you’re using social media to reach a larger audience and deliver your message, this course is for you.

To sign up for Fundamentals in Social Media Advertising, register here.