Employee Spotlight: Meet Grace, Dog Mom & Ad Extraordinaire!

October 18, 2016

Editor’s Note: Hello, readers! We’re dusting off the lens and replacing the bulb in our Employee Spotlight and shining it on our superstar Ads and Analytics Manager, Grace Stasky! Grace entered our lives toward the beginning of the summer to manage all of our social ads, analytics and reporting situations for all of our clients. A proud Philadelphian who recently crossed the bridge to live in New Jersey, Grace is far from what we all may perceive as a classic “number cruncher”. She’s more like Neo from The Matrix, seeing through social media’s “source code,” pinpointing the best ad strategies and saying “Whoa” a lot. She’s also a total dog person, which is a really excellent added bonus.

Simply put, Grace is awesome and we’re thrilled to have her on the team. We recently sat down with the ad wizard herself to get the inside scoop on what being, well, her, is like. Bitey, roll interview, please!

The fam. 

ChatterBlast Media: Tell us about your pre-ChatterBlast life! Give us a little bit of Grace 101.

Grace Stasky: Pre-ChatterBlast? Wasn’t living till I started working here at Club CBM. After graduating from Lock Haven University, I entered into two advertising internships in the account management and traffic department. From there, I entered into my social media career head on at a digital agency. I slowly worked my way up from weekly tweets to running full organic and paid campaigns for clients on all social platforms. It’s crazy how far social media has evolved, especially in a marketing capacity, but I’m glad I’ve been there for every major change. 

CBM: What’s a typical workday like in The Life of Grace?

GS: Well, there is truly no “typical” workday. Each day is different and I love it. Keeps me on my toes. Usually, I check on all of our clients’ ads first thing in the morning. What needs to be tweaked? Are ads performing better than per usual? We want to make sure everything is running smoothly and being executed at its best. Most likely next, I’m compiling data into reports to show our clients how their organic and paid social content is performing. I analyze the nitty gritty and then make it all pretty and digestible. From here, who knows! Pop-up projects, client questions and of course streaming new business.

The fam at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon. 

CBM: What attracts you to analytics and social advertising? 

GS: There is always something new popping up. Whether it’s a newly developed strategy or algorithm update, I want to know about it. Sitting at a desk doing the same thing every day would not be the most fulfilling. That’s a hard no in my book. It’s also very rewarding to help our clients and improve their marketing tactics through social media. There’s nothing better than opening an email with a huge “THANK YOU!” from a client upon deploying a new ad campaign or making tweaks and adjustments to their current ad plans.

I just get a huge kick out of solving problems, and working thoroughly within ad plans and analytics helps me get that fix! 

CBM: What’s your favorite social platform and why!

GS: Instagram and I are pretty much BFFs. But I also love Snapchat. Saying this, I am definitely a visual person. All day I’m facilitating groups of numbers and reading analyses, so I tend to shy away from text-heavy social content on my own time. I want to see what my friends are up to, ogle delectable desserts and of course peep some cute puppies. A photo hits home much faster than words, for me at least. And yes, I am proud to say my dog Timber has his own Instagram account. It’s getting a lot of engagement. 


Follow Timber on Instagram.

CBM: You’re our resident Dog Mom. Any advice for potential future dog owners out there?

GS: Take your time! All dogs are cute and give the best kisses, but you have to find the fur-covered friend that’s just perfect for you. Just make sure you’re ready for a lifestyle change and to be constantly surrounded by unconditional love. I also highly recommend doing your research on what breed can work best for your way of life and schedule.

CBM: When you’re not crunching numbers and charting charts and graphing graphs, where can we find you? 

GS: If I’m not cooking or reading, I’m hiking in the woods or running on the beach with my boyfriend and our fur child, Timber. I love to adventure outdoors with those two and to take a break from the internet for just a little bit. 

CBM: Any final words?

GS: One again: I’m not a regular mom, I’m a dog mom.