Employee Spotlight: Meet Jessie (Via Johanna!)

Johanna Doble
April 21, 2017

Editor’s note: Recently, we at ChatterBlast brought on two new employees on the very same day. Since they obviously have been on their ChatterJourney together since day one, we thought there was no better way to introduce them than to have them introduce each other. Earlier this week, you met Johanna. Next up: Jessie. 

Teamwork makes the…you know the rest.

Meet Jessie Singh! Our newest Account Manager at ChatterBlast Media, Jessie first met the Chatter-Fam during the 3rd Annual Charity Flip Cup Tournament, so it seems fitting that this employee spotlight is focused on his off hours. Through his week at work, he has a carefree demeanor. 


Jessie stunting with Timber.

As a resident anxiety-ball, I wanted to know his secrets.



Fridays are for laying low. 

Jessie has been waiting since Monday morning for this. He loves his job, but there is an air about him that suggests that the confines of being in one place for eight hours a day is just not conducive to his natural tides. And with this, when the clock strikes 5:30pm, he returns to the ebbs and flows on a very basic level.

If he has the energy, he heads to the gym to avoid getting too soft or undefined and hits some basic errands on the way home. (Classic.) If he doesn’t, he’ll opt out to take a nap or revisit a classic Pixar film while knocking out laundry and light cleaning. If he has plans, they would be to head out of town to …basically do anything he would be doing in Philly, only in another location. But no matter what, Jessie’s on his own time, baby.



Jessie’s Saturday Charm-Bomb look.

Jessie lives for Saturday. If he knows he needs it, he’s back at the gym first thing to burn off his low-key (i.e. lazy) evening and eating take-out chicken fingers the night before.

(I have to pause here to confess that I reviewed three different weekends attempting to write this blog because each time, Jessie responded with, “But that’s not really what I normally do… I do it sometimes… you can use it… maybe next weekend will be more normal.” It’s not that Jessie isn’t consistent—he’s actually one of the most consistent people that I have ever met—it is that he doesn’t care to look at his own consistency.)

Jessie exists as he feels, which is a deeply poetic statement. 

Once he makes it into a city (usually Philly, sometimes Austin), he might check out an apartment or two as he is looking to move into town, but Saturdays are for roaming. With a friend or solo, he hops around the Gayborhood: Sampan, Valanni’s, Knock, IndeBlue. Simultaneously, as lulls in his social life arise throughout the day, he checks his email, picks up his dry cleaning, gets his nostrils waxed.

You know, normal things.

He is never shut-down, but never has a sense of urgency. The weekend is truly when he gets to be who he is, in every moment of the day, as it unfolds.

His surroundings don’t matter as much as as long as the mood activity suits him. Where some of us watch the news in our own time. Falling asleep to CNN at a friend’s house after an evening filled with bar hopping for a slow, appetizer-filled dinner seems oddly fitting for Jessie.



Sundays are for contemplative views in the city.

Jessie takes it easy on Sundays. You can find him brunching and continuing to graze through the city of Philadelphia as if it is his preferred pasture.

Later in the day, he returns home and warms up for Monday morning, so he is sure to check in to his email, finish up any laundry, tidy up and organize his week. But productivity is interwoven with exploring life in The Sims and ordering Chinese food.

“I am so jealous of my Sims character. He makes $89/hour as an investigative journalist and is married to a high-profile politician.” -Jessie.

Well Jessie, after seeing the relaxing, semi-productive life you lead on the weekends, we totally get it. Thanks for giving us a tour, Jessie. It was enlightening and, unsurprisingly, true to character.