Employee Spotlight: Meet Johanna (via Jessie!)

Jessie Singh
April 18, 2017

Editor’s note: Recently, we at ChatterBlast brought on two new employees on the very same day. Since they obviously have been on their ChatterJourney together since day one, we thought there was no better way to introduce them than to have them introduce each other. Stay tuned for the tables to turn later this week in part two!

Johanna Doble joined the ChatterBlast Media family back in October as our Operations Manager. Although her role is to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible inside and out at CBM HQ, I wanted to understand the woman behind the (many) excel spreadsheets. And what better way to get to know someone than to scour their Snapchats to find out how she spends her time outside of work?

Joh and Jessie take CBM.

Let’s get to know Johanna (or Joh, as we call her) better by looking into her weekend activities.


As soon as the clock strikes 5:30 p.m., Johanna is ready to unwind. She wants to start the weekend off right by not neglecting her health and fitness, so the first thing on her mind is the gym.

*Rihanna voice* Work work work work work. 

She understands that she needs to focus on both mind and body, though, so right after the gym she meets with her personal mentor and good friend just to clear her head. Next, it’s a Friday night of adventure as Johanna meets with friends to tour the city and try different cuisines.

Friday night, baby!


While she spent Friday evening catching up on her mental and physical well-being, Saturday is whole different story for Johanna.

Saturday vibes.

As soon as the sun rises, Johanna is up and ready to start a day of spontaneous activities. Usually a fan of “going with the flow,” Johanna is constantly on the hunt for ways to stay active and utilize every minute of her day. This usually consists of:


After a fun-filled weekend of equal parts exploration and relaxation, Johanna usually spends her Sundays getting ready for the work week to come. As her mental and physical health is a top priority, Johanna will meditate and do yoga to start her day. After that, it’s time to meal-prep for the week and complete any last-minute errands. Then, she’ll spend the rest of her Sunday relaxing and going to bed early. Who wouldn’t after such a jam-packed weekend?

Employee successfully spotlighted! High five!

Thanks for letting us tag along, Joh. We now know why you are so great at what you do, and we are so happy you are a part of the team!