Pop Quiz: How Well Do You Know Social Ad Lingo?

Grace Stasky
November 10, 2016

It was a rainy Thursday afternoon. the Blasters were gradually walking into an ads and analytics “lunch and learn.” The only way this meeting was going to be interesting was with FREE PIZZA. (Yas, pizza. Yas.)  

Little did they know, they were going to learn, get competitive and eat unlimited slices of pizza. By shifting gears from the standard, “This is how you find the reach of a Facebook ad” lecture, I formatted the presentation into a friendly competitive quizzo game. The Blasters came up with quirky team names and started testing their knowledge of social media

Why exactly would a social media ad agency provide clients with reports? This is the time and place to show progress, build a trusting relationship and demonstrate tangible value to the creative and strategic work in play. 

So now it’s your turn to play. Think you know it all when it comes to social media ads and analytics? We’ll shorten the quiz just a bit to make this breezy. You’ll find the answers at the bottom, but please do not cheat. Seriously.  Please put on your thinking cap.

Image: Quinn Dombrowski/Flickr

OK. Here we go.

1. When placing an ad on Facebook, what metric would one use to learn how many times their ad was viewed?

a) Frequency

b) Impressions

c) Reach

d) Result Rate

2. On Twitter, what metric would one use to calculate the amount of money spent per click?

a) Clicks

b) Cost Per Clicks (CPC)

c) Click Through Rate (CTR)

d) Daily Maximum

3. What’s the difference between a medium and a source on Google Analytics?

a) The source is the origin of traffic and medium is the category of the source.

b) They are interchangeable terms.

c) The medium is the origin of traffic and source is the category of the medium.

d) None of the above.

Naturally, all the Blasters won. Let’s be honest, they know their social media. We also know the importance of showing clients the progression of their accounts and deliver the correct metrics. Providing insight can only help your social media grow and flourish. How’d you do? Scope out those answers below and let us know.



Answers: 1: b) 2: b) 3: a)