Fantastic Tweets And Where To Find Them

Jessica Meeder
January 5, 2016

Whether you’re still waiting on your owl to bring you an acceptance letter to Hogwarts or a mean muggle who doesn’t believe in magic—there’s no debate that J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter has left a massive impact on the literature entire world. The book series may be over, but the story hasn’t stopped. Luckily for HP fans everywhere, Rowling has found a way to continue to tell the tale.

J.K. Rowling’s Twitter feed is a magical world on its own. As you scroll through her posts you can imagine your friends Harry, Ron, and Hermione drinking a butterbeer in Three Broomsticks. Rowling enlightens you with new information—everything from translations of wizarding words to what house Harry’s children are sorted in to. These updates make fans happy, but also in doing so the franchise stays relevant. So how does Rowling keep this enchanting world alive?

  1. ‘Sorting’ out details.

J.K. Rowling updates fans like any proud mamma would by highlighting big events for Harry Potter’s children that fans were introduced to at the end of the series.

By sharing news like this via Twitter, it keeps Rowling’s audience listening and eagerly awaiting the next tidbit of detail she might share. If us Pottheads are lucky enough, maybe this is the start of the 8th Harry Potter book.

  1. Translations.

Not only did J.K. Rowling create a whole, new world with the series—she also created a new language. We learned names of creatures, spells, oh and us ‘non-magical’ folk. Well since Rowling is British, what better way to stir conversation than giving the English U.S. translation for the word? Minds blown.

  1. She has a cause.

Just when J.K. Rowling couldn’t get any more magical she creates a charity called Lumos. For you non-Potter fans, ‘Lumos’ is a spell that emits light from the caster’s wand. What does the charity do? (It helps more than 8 million children worldwide who are living a part from their families in institutions or orphanages.) Anybody else remember a certain character with a similar background? That’s right; Tom Riddle who grew up to be He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

  1. Gets by with help from her friends.

Talk about #SquadGoals. The cast of Harry Potter is still tight. You can see Rowling wishing them happy birthdays, congratulating them on recent successes or like above, mentioning them like a proud mamma over some house fighting.

  1. Her fans.

Rowling is excellent with her engagement on Twitter. She’s been known to tell off trolls (and not the magical kind), root for her favorite sport teams and of course answer questions about the world she created. She gave so much in those seven books for fans to consider and ponder—they often take time to ask her for opinion or knowledge. The best part- she always has an answer.

  1. Giving a hoot about her brand

Owls play a significant role in the Harry Potter series. These creatures are fiercely loyal pets and often prove to be more than just a mail carrier. By using this noteworthy creature from Harry Potter, she’s able to hit home an important point.

Everyone—from businesses to individuals can learn a great lesson from J.K. Rowling and that is the power of a personal brand. Know what resonates with your audience and feed into it. You might just create a magical world of your own.

And if you’re missing Harry and friends as much as I am, remember: “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times. If only one remembers to turn on the light read Rowling’s Twitter feed.”