The Fitbit Fitness Revolution Wants You to Get Social

Grace Stasky
June 7, 2017

It was a chilly February night. I was dreaming of warm beach weather and tropical drinks. It was just what I needed to enhance my health and fitness motivation. But where to start?

Duh. I know this. You know this. Let’s keep moving.

Living in such a technology-consumed age, I decided to purchase a Fitbit. (I caved.) Originally, I promised myself I had too much technology in my life and I was never going to wear it. However, I quickly realized it was time to grow up and get with the times.

After downloading the accompanying app, it hit me: engaging in the Fitbit ecosystem was like being active on any other social media platform. Yikes. More tech.

Maybe the social-network functionality will serve as a way to encourage users to up their fitness game. It certainly has for me. Take this little fitness social journey with me.


What’s social media without your closest, dearest friends? The Fitbit app allows you to add friends through your contacts, Facebook and email addresses.

In a recent blog, the activity tracking company said, “Fitbit data shows that users with friends on the Fitbit platform take, on average, 700 more steps than users without friends. Or maybe competitions are your jam—users who have participated in both Fitbit Adventures and Challenges walk 2,000 more steps per day than users who have not been in a Challenge. Either way, social engagement has proven to be a key motivator.”

There it is, motivation. What are friends for anyway? Here’s how I rank with my friends. This isn’t like MySpace’s top eight. Ranking is based on total steps taken on a continual seven-day basis. Sassy Cassie is always number one.

Catch up, Andrew.

[Editor’s note: I spy our good friend from Leadership X University, Jim Riviello. He tells us, “I love my Fitbit Charge 2. Especially the friends dashboard. The competitive scoreboard motivates me to keep moving.”]


If you’re like us Blasters, you enjoy a good Facebook group.

Fitbit allows users to join different groups and communities within different topics. Most groups tend to be fitness or weight loss related. Each one is niche. My top three are hiking, at work and cardio. Inside each group, different users post anything from inspiration to relevant questions.

Here I am. Popping off in the hiking group. Hope I get a few “cheers” and comments.

The Feed

Short for…newsfeed.

You know I have to keep up with my people. What’s up, Fitbit fam? Just like our other social platform friends, there is a feed to post activity to. As if we don’t share enough personal information, this is motivational and positive sharing. On this feed you will find friends sharing motivational quotes and good energy. A positive social platform – I can’t believe my eyes.

Image via Fitbit


How would we know anything without our precious notifications?

Did Andrew like my default? Did Timber post a new photo? Did Marc or Jackie tag me in a meme?

DUNNO. Notifications keep me in the loop of my guys and friends. On the app, you receive notifications such as comments, if someone “cheered” you or how far along you are with your daily goal.

My favorite is when I get a notification saying I’m an overachiever with my daily goal, but I’m slamming down five slices of pizza. Don’t tell my Fitbit friends. Please.


Saved the best for last, baby. Ah more ways to add to my Internet identity. Let me preface this to the overly sensitive crowd. Yes, there are privacy settings. Come on. Friends only? What are you hiding on a fitness app? Anyway.

You are able to feature a profile and header photo to personalize your fit identity. Personal stats and trophies are showcased here as well as your friend list.

Here she is! Big T is obviously hanging out in my profile photo.

There are, of course, far more benefits to owning a Fitbit aside from its dual role as a fitness-based social network. You can track your heart rate, activity, sleeping and eating habits. Trust me. I am going to be beach-body ready this summer. Am I right? But social media is important to us. We want to keep up with friends, motivate each other and most importantly get healthy together. Will you hop on the Fitbit train? Join me!

Curious about other social platforms? Let’s chat.