#GayTwitter Has All the Feels for Queer Eye

Leo West
March 16, 2018

Editor’s note: You might remember our former intern Leo as the one who had you SHOOK with his collection of the best of Gay Twitter throughout the first half of 2017. When he offered to write a guest blog about the community’s reaction to the new Queer Eye series, who were we to say no?


Readers: the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy reboot from Netflix (this time just called Queer Eye) is amazing! It’s heartfelt, funny, silly, practical and possibly society-changing.

If you are not familiar with the show, it follows five gay men as they makeover the lives of hapless straight men—and in possibly the best episode of the new iteration, a gay man struggling to integrate his sexuality fully into his life. Each member of the so-called “Fab 5” has a speciality that they bring to each of the subjects to make their life a little more fab: Jonathan (Grooming), Antoni (Food & Wine), Bobby (Design), Tan (Fashion) and Karamo (Culture).


Unsurprisingly, #GayTwitter had some FEELINGS about the reboot—partially because queer representation in media is still lacking—but also because….

So strap in ladies, gentlemen and gender-nonconforming-folks, because I’ve compiled (i.e. went through my “likes” on Twitter) an exhaustive collection of the best reactions, thoughts and reads about Queer Eye from Gay Twitter.

Category 1: The Need for Tissues

This show will make you weep. *Jonathan Van Ness voice*: She’s giving you emotions; She’s giving you earnestness; She’s giving you acceptance; She’s giving you understanding; She’s giving you Trump-era, issues-based conversations.





Category 2: A Star is Born in Jonathan

Jonathan Van Ness is a true beacon of goodness in this world. His gorgeous long locks are perfect for his personality and he’s truly serving lewks in every episode. If you’re unfamiliar with his previous work, he did a hilarious serious with Funny or Die called Gay of Thrones— go watch it; he’s delightful.


Category 3: Antoni’s “Cooking” “Skills”

Food & Wine specialist Antoni Porowski has taken Gay Twitter by storm. His penchant for avocado dishes and simple recipes has some questioning his cooking abilities* but BOY IS HE CHARMING AND CANADIAN AND HANDSOME!




Even your fave ChatterBlasters got in on the action:


It takes a lot to have Gay Twitter come to a consensus, but Queer Eye has essentially done the impossible. Once you’re done reading this, drop whatever you are doing and get your mom’s/friend’s/ex’s Netflix account and spend some time with the most fabulous men on television.

Final thoughts: What is Karamo’s actual job on the show? Anyone?

(Whatever, who cares, he’s handsome and charming.)