Happy Mothers Day to the Mother of Drag, the Mother of Dragons, & Jennifer Garner

Stephen Tornetta
May 10, 2019

This year for Mother’s Day, instead of getting sappy and talking about my own mom (Love you Lady Di. She reads ALL my blogs!), I thought I would highlight some of the cultural moms that we all look up to so much – on social media and beyond. After all, in 2019 motherhood and maternal bonds are defined in so many different ways for so many different people. So we all basically have multiple moms now. Welcome to the future party people!

Jennifer Garner: She’s not your average mom – she’s a cool mom!

If you saw 13 Going on 30 15 years ago when it came out, you understand why people love Jennifer Garner. Sweet, down-to-earth, laid back, and cute as a button. Now she’s a cool mom! Both literally and figuratively, even playing moms on the big screen like in her most recent role in Love, Simon. But having to deal with the public profile that is “celebrity” while being married to, then divorcing, one of Hollywood’s top A-listers (debatable) has to take its toll.

No wonder Jenn Garner (how she introduces herself on posts) has now befriended people like The Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten, devoting all her time to her kids, cooking, and playing the saxophone for Reese Witherspoon – she just wants to feel like a normal person too! A “cool” mom, if you will…


Her charm and humor make her feel like “your friend, Jenn” instead of the famous Jennifer Garner. You want her to make YOU cupcakes, and dress up for YOUR birthday. If you find yourself saying things like “well, I’D appreciate you dressing up for MY birthday Jenn,” to one of her posts, then I think Jennifer Garner is also one of YOUR mothers, too!

RuPaul – Call me mother.


Onto Mother Ru! As the Mother of Drag, she nurtures her flock on her hit TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race. But Mother Ru isn’t just the host of a successful TV show. Ru’s title as “mother” references back to Drag Ball Culture. Mothers are the heads of their drag houses and offer support and guidance to their house children.

RuPaul does the same thing for his contestants on the show, offering them a safe space to create and be themselves. Respecting, loving, and guiding them in their careers as well as their lives. Acting as their surrogate mother. Everyone who watches the show or listens to RuPaul’s podcast knows how much he cares about his chosen family and why we call him “Mother.”

Daenerys Targaryen: Mother of Dragons

From the Mother of Drag to the Mother of Dragons serving the most Queenly lewks in all of Westeros. But beyond her killer wardrobe, throughout the seasons of Game of Thrones, Daenerys has showed her maternal side in caring for her dragons and her leadership in helping to govern the lives of her people. After all, being a good mother is finding the balance between love and discipline of your children even if sometimes it means punishing them for not listening to you. RIP House Tarly.

Through all the years since the show’s inception, she has been a cultural fixture in our minds as the Mother of Dragons. She’s had a rough couple of episodes as of late, but all is not lost. If any of the fan theories I’ve been reading are correct, we might all be screaming “Happy Mothers Day, Momma Dany!” at our TVs this Mothers Day!

Note: read this show theory and you may also be shouting from the rooftops “Happy Mothers Day Dany!!!)