Hasta Lou Vista

May 8, 2015

It is with a real sense of pride that we send off one of the most stalwart of the ChatterBlast team. After 3 years of tireless and dedicated service, our incredible Account Director Lou Perseghin is heading off into the sunset. We’ve seen many a bird leave the nest, but we thought this deserved a special shout out.

Lou first popped into our world in 2012 when we worked with him at UArts. We were helping them with strategy and he was helping them reach potential students. Lou had a sterling reputation, a calm demeanor, insightful rhetoric, and strong training from the brothers at La Salle. When we needed to a new Account Manager, Lou was the most logical of choices. When we needed an Account Director to help grow our rapidly expanding team, Lou stepped up to the plate and has been an integral part in the success of ChatterBlast. He has been a consistent managerial MVP, and all-around go-to guy for many of our toughest challenges.

Before we get to maudlin, we’ve decided to use this time to share some of the Blaster’s favorite Lou memories/memes/moments. Roll clips!

Jackie:   The never-ending, stuck-in-your-head, song: Riptide by Vance Joy — both Lou and myself hummed this song (without knowing the words) for at least a solid week: And… Of course, miniature Lou at Morris Arboretum:


Jess:  Just recently- I learned that Lou loves the song “Popular” from Wicked. We may or may have not tag teamed singing the duet at our desks.  See the attached photo as evidence.


Justin: The first happened during my first week. I was just getting used to being in an open office environment and Lou made a very audible Energizer Bunny noise (Bah, buh, BAH!), laughed, and then explained that”s how he mentally notes he”s finished a task and it was time to move on to the next one. It struck me as a very powerful way to organize and motivate yourself and from that moment on I knew I had made the right choice to join CBM.

The other happened this Tuesday, when I got to spend the morning in a Zipcar with Lou going to the Philadelphia Freedoms office. We discussed our respective childhoods, morning routines, old roommates, upcoming plans for the summer, etc. It was great, easy-going conversation that even felt comfortable when there was complete silence.

Joey: Lou and I may be very different, but one winters day the planets and (our wardrobes) aligned in a glorious display of steamy lumbersexuallness. Lou”s version may be authentic and mine…well…more contrived, but we both looked damn good rocking our chambry shirts!


Evan: I’ll always cherish our weekend Bike MS training rides. Lou could always outperform me in his fixed gear bike and can rock some hardcore skids (see 0:32)


Craig: After a long stressful week, we celebrated with a well-deserved bottle of champagne brought to us by our friend and neighbor online casino David! Instead of just typically poppin” it open, David showed all how it was really done. David opened a bottle with a sword! He offered to let one of the blasters open the next bottle, and Lou jumped at the opportunity. With the sword in hand, he slid it up the bottle and popped it right away. It was pretty impressive I must say, in witness. The champagne was, of course, delicious as well.


Megan: My favorite memory of Lou is when we met on Twitter and shared some “war stories”.


and then in the end, he brought me in for an interview at ChatterBlast.


Kyle: One of my favorite Lou memories happened before I even began working here.  About to begin my internship at CB for the summer of 2014, I was waiting on Lou to send me back some paperwork that I had to turn into my school advisor for credit.  It was taking a while so I hit him up on Twitter to try and speed up the process.  He replied to me soon after saying, “The power of social media prevails once again! Check your inbox.”  So I checked my inbox and there was the email from Lou telling me that if I need to get anything from him urgently in the future to just “email me and be like “wtf send it now!“”  I guess this is one of my favorite memories because it contributed to my excitement to begin working at Chatterblast and really made me feel comfortable about venturing into the real world from college life for one of the first times.

Matt: Its really hard for me to keep to ONE fond or powerful memory of Lou. I’d probably group many of them under the umbrella of Reading Terminal Market. I don’t want to speak for Lou, but his passion for the market and the merchants – and marketing savvy about the customers needs – are visible in the clear public adoration we get on social channels. Lou has touched all the content and strategy for this client, and has made it sing. He also used to bring us so much treats from their I thought I’d go into a food coma!


From all of us at ChatterBlast, we will miss you dearly and wish you much success on your next adventure!