Have Ads Gone Too Far?

Grace Stasky
December 20, 2017

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals have expired, but the memory of a certain social media advertisement has remained. If you were served this ad on Instagram, you already know:


That hair looks real af to me. Is it an eyelash? Is it my dog’s hair? Shedding season, watch out. No, It’s a devious strategy to make Instagram users physically swipe up and view a specific landing page.

This is alarming. Have ads gone too far? If we were so upset by clickbait, how shall we categorize this instance? The Verge stated, “Update: when reached for comment, a spokesperson for Instagram told The Verge, ‘This ad violated Instagram’s policies and was removed from future delivery in Stories several weeks ago. We also disabled the account from advertising on the platform again.’”

Wow, way to go Instagram. Put your foot down. Although, yes, I, Grace Karina Stasky, am apart of the problem. I create and place social ads along with all my friends at ChatterBlast. BUT, when creating ads with the perfect creative and ad copy, coupled with proper targeting, we’re only helping our social audience. Whether it’s a delicious cheese platter or fire deal on Auto Show tickets, you we’re served the ad based on your demographics, behavior and interests. You may love or hate the ad you were served, but you did click agree on that privacy setting. Jokes on you.

Joke is not on you. I’m sorry. Hear me out. Can you imagine a world where you actually pay to send your friends outrageous Snapchats, tag them in ridiculously funny Instagram memes or use Facebook as your online diary? No. That would be silly right?

Without ads, promotions and other money makers, how would these social platforms run? How would they pay the endless amount of employees? Think about it. Similar to listening a free version radio. You’re jamming out. Really into your music and an advertisement abruptly cuts it off. Rude, actually. But we still continue to not buy ad free version. Why pay when we can get it for free? Advertisements pay for the the world to go round.

You’ve been dealing with this your whole life. Social advertising is just like any other medium, but we have to draw the line somewhere. I do agree with that. This creepy hair ad is only the tip of the iceberg. I’m sure other agencies will cook up sneakier ideas that dance along the lines of right and wrong. Will you play into it or report it?

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